Hi, I am Ada-Marie, and I am a design-aholic….

Living in beautiful and historic Richmond, Virginia, I am a full-time mother to a precocious four year-old daughter, a part-time corporate attorney and a fledgling home designer with myself as my only client.  I can best describe my evolving aesthetic as clean, functional and accessible.

As a member of the real world, and not the inner circle of interior designers, I hope to offer a fresh perspective and address, observe and tackle true decorating dilemmas that we all face everyday while juggling the moving targets of life.  You know, those annoying parts of all of our lives that never make it onto the pages of the home design magazines, like dirty dog paws, kiddie backpacks, rain coats, piles of bills and junk mail, extension cords, gym bags, impact on resale value and other such matters that require our reflection as we decorate a home that is meant to be lived in.  Oh, and with a little bit of fashion, food, books and other random topics thrown in there to keep it interesting!

I look forward to sharing observations that “spark!” and inspire me.  spark! will always be a work in progress, just like everyone’s sense of style and place in the journey of life.  You can email me directly at needsparkblog@gmail.com or follow me on Facebook (spark! Blog),  Twitter @needspark and Pinterest (adamarie).  Thank you for reading, enjoy and comment liberally!


4 responses to “about

  1. Patricia Kiessling

    I can’t believe you did this! I am in awe. Plus, the content is very helpful. Yellow is a great idea.

  2. Thank you, Ada-Marie for sharing the OKL LOVE! We’re most appreciative that you featured One Kings Lane on your site. Thank you! 🙂

  3. I recently spied the Kelly Wearstler children’s library in Cookie while waiting to have may 2 year old’s broken arm set. I should have ripped out the page and didn’t & was relieved to find your posting. Can you get the name of the bookcase manufacturer? I think it was named in the article but I can’t seen to access it on line. If you can get it, please email it to me. Thanks so much!
    I’m a retired environmental attorney & mother of 4 living in gorgeous N. Michigan…

  4. Great Work! am looking for SYROCO mirror with Eagle on the top. would appreciate your help. THANKS !

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