My New Red Door

You may recall from a post a couple months ago that I was renewing my New Year’s Resolutions.  One of my resolutions was to paint our front door.  I love the look of red doors and have red Adirondack chairs on the front porch, so I decided on red.

Mr. spark! and I went to Benjamin Moore and the helpful paint man recommended outdoor paint in Heritage Red ($20).  No primer necessary.


Then we headed over to Lowes and chose affordable ($137), yet updated and simple, brushed nickel hardware to replaced the very worn brass hardware that had been on the door for 20+ years.

Mr. spark! took the door off the hinges, removed the hardware, gave it a rough sanding, taped the sides, and got painting.  It took three coats to cover the black paint.

Total cost = $157.00.

Check out the before:



Druuuuuum Rooooooooll.  THE BIG REVEAL.  The after!




And a side by side:


So, what do you think????

I am so happy with the way it turned out!  Next steps: 1) decorate for Fall & Halloween, and 2) replace brass light fixtures & doorbell.  Stay tuned!

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12 responses to “My New Red Door

  1. OOOH, i love it!!

    and, haha, i thought your next steps (because i read through quickly) was to replace BRAS. lol, never a bad idea, either. 🙂

  2. It’s beautiful, you have such a lovely home!

  3. I love a red door! Looks great!

  4. I thought the before looked great until I saw the after! It looks so good. It gives your exterior a little extra umph! 😀

  5. I think FANtastic! What a beautiful front porch and the door just adds to the loveliness of it. What a great way to welcome yourself home each day…

  6. Wonderful! I love red. Mr. spark! is just so darn handy. My hubby is quite handy himself and I just love when he and Mr. spark! team up.

  7. Patricia Kiessling

    Love it, love it, love it! A red door is supposed to indicate hospitality – you look very hospitable.

  8. It looks fabulous! Great job- such a cute, cute house look!

  9. I love the new red door! If my house wasn’t red brick, I would absolutely insist on having a red door. It’s beautiful!

  10. you have a beautiful home and i love the red door!
    when i grow up and have a house i want a red door, i’ve always loved the way it looks 🙂

  11. Jessica McClellan

    I absolutely love it!!! I have found with our red door it is easy to tell people who haven’t been to the house, “Look for the house with the red door.” Enjoy!

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