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Stunning (Paper!) Curtains

Take a look at these stunningly unique beauties by Tord Boontje for Artenica found on Unica Home.  These curtains are made out of Tyvek, an ultra durable synthetic paper product.  Can you believe it?


At $58 per panel, these panels are accessible and affordable.  I think these curtains would look great by themselves in a smaller window where privacy isn’t necessary, and natural light is welcome, like a home office, hallway nook or laundry room.  Or, wouldn’t they make a fabulous room divider floating on clear fishing wire?


These panels would also look so whimsical in a child’s playroom or bedroom, and you could layer them on top of a white or solid colored curtain to give light control and privacy, but also to make their gorgeous design stand out.


Look at the precise and intricate pattern full of flowers, foliage and animals.


I love this amazingly artful, jaw-dropping and unexpected medium for window treatments!

Sneaky Trick Revealed!

I am about to reveal a money-saving trick that I discovered a few years ago as I was purchasing items for my daughter’s nursery.  This specific bit of information is about to save me $144, which is equivalent to 36 free mochas at Starbucks, 6 complimentary pedicures or a week of groceries at no charge!

So, I am slowly progressing on window treatments for the two windows in my family room.  I have finally settled on my look (only took me three years!), and started looking for affordable window hardware.  I like the simple double-rod look below from Pottery Barn. For each window, I would need the medium size, which cost $139 each, or $278 total, for the window hardware.


I started looking around for similar, but less expensive window hardware.  For fun, I checked out PB Teen (Pottery Barn’s line aimed at teenagers).  Guess what I found?  Almost identical window hardware for $144 less! Two of the same sized double-rod below ($55) with the almost identical finials ($12) below adds up to $134.  Both are made from steel, look similar in heft and quality and are backed by the reputation and customer service guarantee of Pottery Barn.


BTW, I have found similar savings comparing Pottery Barn vs. PB Teen/Pottery Barn Kids for end tables, rugs and bookshelves too.  Perhaps Pottery Barn figures that we will not pay as much for kids’ rooms, so they sell pretty much the same items marketed under another name, for less.  PB, I am on to you!

Now, what to do with my extra $144?  I have my eye on this awesome mirror….