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An Open Letter to Rachel Zoe

Dear Rach:

Rachel Zoe is beand ambassador for Exude lipstick

I love your show and happen to think that you are BANANAS.  Your fashion styling is impeccable, spot-on and always uber fashion forward.  However, your interior styling needs some serious help.  I die, literally. 


I know you put a lot of stock in your new assistant, Jeremiah Brent, who has some interior design experience, and I agree that he is adorbs to look at, but lemme tell ya, hmm how to say this, umm well…HE SUCKS. 

I know he was under a time deadline and you and Rodge love clean, white and glam, but he HAD NO BUDGET, and this is the best he could come up with for your dining room?   

No rug, no fabric, a builder’s light fixture.  Really?  YAAAAAAAAAAWN.

May I suggest….

Which is still white and black with pops of yellow, but is way more glam, warm, and sophisticated and not THAT complicated.  Bloggers DIY floors like that everyday.  See what I mean, girlfriend?

Moving on to your living room.  Le sigh.  It has some nice features like the tufted sofa with nailhead trim, but the lamps are the wrong scale and look straight out of Homegoods.  And I happen to detest the overgrown bean bag chairs, SO. NOT. GLAM.  Are window treatments too much to ask for? 

How about this?  Which is way more sophisticated, not THAT complex, yet still simple and chic….

And finally, the library/ study.  Sweetie, this is just plain sad.  Couldn’t Jeremiah find more furniture for the room?  Shoot, head on over to Ikea.  The bookshelf styling, well, isn’t.  This room needs some oooomph, like stat. 

You need something like this where you can relax, read your fashion mags and gossip with Kate Hudson:

Clean, bright, warm, functional, simple, inviting. 

So, Rachie-poo, as cute as he is, Jeremiah ain’t cut out for interior design.  Call me.  We’ll chat and get you pointed in the right direction.  In no time, your house will be EVERYTHING.  But I can’t promise that I will get along with Joey and Rodge — they are serious divas.

xxoo, ada

P.S. I miss Brad.  Like, a lot.

{To see more pics of RZ’s digs, go to Bravo TV.
Photo credits: 1. People Magazine, 2. Casa Sugar, 3. Casa Sugar, 4.  Pinterest, 5. Casa Sugar, 6. Skye Kirby, Elle Decor , 7. Casa Sugar, 8. Here}


My Sliver of Missoni Mania

I was a day late, but luckily still managed to snag a few cute Missoni for Target items.  Surprisingly, our Target wasn’t completely wiped out at 9am yesterday.  But still, I didn’t get the one item that I was jonesing for, which apparently is now being sold on eBay for oodles (OMG, check out this Buy It Now for $350!, more than 8 times its asking price at Target, whaaaaa?):

Missoni for Target® Throw - Colore

I was suprised that there was a bunch of kitchenware, computer cases, notecards, kids and baby clothes and accessories, makeup cases and even 2 bikes left when I stopped by over 24 hours after the launch. 

Here is what I picked up:

Clockwise: 1. Notecards, 2. Girls Sweater Tunic, 3. Girls Sweater Leggings, 4. Mug, and 5. Baby Blanket (note the hint of green and lots of hot pink!). 

The blanket is the first thing that I have bought for the new baby!  Here is a close-up:

Missoni For Target® Baby Blanket - Rose Wine

It will look fun in her nursery!  If it’s good enough for Rachel Zoe, it’s good enough for her, right? 


{Rachel Zoe’s bedroom featuring Missoni (like, the real tres $$ Missoni)}

Per my sources at Target (the check-out dude), I hear there will be one more replenishment sometime around the 1st of October.  Tell me, what did you snag and what will you be watching for?? 

Tablescape a la Rachel Zoe

This evening, Rachel tweeted: “Setting up for a dinner party for my newly engaged friends!  XoRZ” and attached this picture.

Loving the mod white on white and non-matchy floral arrangements.  I kind of die for the view too.  Bananas!


Siesta Foreva.


Do you die?  I die.  J’adore Rachel Zoe’s bedroom with the luxe fur throw and Missoni zig zag sheets and shams adorning that fabulous leather platform bed. 

Rach should start a home styling branch of the Rachel Zoe brand.  Don’tcha think?  I could be her Brad.  Wouldn’t that be bananas?

Obvi, sleep is still on the brain.  Work deadline is 7pm tonight, and then a siesta fiesta for me.

 [Image by Richard Powers courtesy of  Welcome Home Blog]

Your Very Own Rachel Zoe — I Die!

Just a quick post to share with you my new (to me) fave blog….

Looking for a personal stylist, a la Rachel Zoe? (and who’s not?!) 


Except with a whole lot less drama, clothes with smaller price tags and zero commission (versus the $6,000+/day that RZ charges!)? 

Look no further!  Introducing Jill from The Good Life for Less:


Jill is genius at putting together outfits for real life, busy people, who don’t want to spend a fortune, but want to build a functional and chic wardrobe.  I am loving her new “Back to Basics” series, complete with a video!

A few of my fave finds by Jill:


Sweater Knit Swing Coat, Old Navy (from this GLFL post)



Madden Tall Boot, Fossil (from this GLFL post)


Ruffle Ruched Top, Charlotte Russe (from the GLFL Style Book)

Go check out her blog!  I promise you won’t be disappointed.  Buh-nanas!