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Um hi, I was in the neighborhood, and….

I was wondering if you want to come over to my place.  Like forever.

{Salitre Blouse, Anthropologie}


Seeing Red

(Even though it seems ever-so-slightly narcissistic, all my fave blogs are doing it, soooooo here goes.)

September’s issue of House Beautiful had a fun Color Personality Quiz.  Here are my results….

1. What is the first color you see in the morning?  My light khaki bedroom walls.


[Image from Crate and Barrel]

2. What are the color of your eyes?  Just brown.

3. What color do you wear the most?  Probably black.

4. What color do you never wear?  Kelly green.

5. What color do you wear when feeling sexy?  Red.


[Image from E!online]

6. What color gets you the most compliments?  Red.

7. What color is your lipstick?  Prescriptives Blue Rose.

bluerose {Just found out that this gorgeous deep red hue has been discontinued.  Wah.}

8. What color was your living room growing up?  Textured terracotta.


9. What color was your bedroom growing up?  Lavender.


[Image courtesy of Hooked on Houses]

10. What color are your sheets?  White only.

11. What was your favorite crayon as a child?   Periwinkle.

12. What color is your car?   Silver.

13. What color was your prom dress?  Black.

14. What is your favorite gemstone?  Rubies.


15. What is your favorite flower?  Dahlia.


16. What color makes you happiest?  Orange.


[Image from JPG]

17. What color depresses you?  Mauve.


18. What color calms you?  White.


[Image courtesy of Cococozy]

19. What color makes you grind your teeth?  Anything neon.

20. What color would you like to try, but are scared to?  Really dark navy walls with all white furniture.


[Image courtesy of Laura Casey Interiors]

House Beautiful says, We’re pretty confident you’ll find the answer after taking our quiz.”

So, what is my color personality??  RED?? With a little bit of khaki, white, orange, black, silver, lavender and navy thrown in there to balance me out?   Thanks for indulging me!  😉

Baking Up a Room from Scratch

The most common question that I receive is – how do I design or completely makeover a room?  Where do I begin?  I wanted to share my general “recipe” and rules of thumb when baking up a room from scratch.


One of the most common search terms that leads people to my blog is Silver Sage Living Room (because of this post on a child’s room painted Silver Sage from Restoration Hardware).  This is a really popular and versatile paint color.  So, as an example, I will use a silver sage living room.

1. Take Inventory. What is already in the room?  Do you like the color of the walls?  What furniture do you have that you want to use?  What function will the room serve?  What is the decor of the surrounding rooms?


2.  Choose your color scheme. I usually begin with the color of the walls and work from there.  If you have a fabric that you would like to use, beginning with the fabric works too.  I usually choose three colors — the wall color, the trim color and an accent color.

In this example, the walls will be painted silver sage from Restoration Hardware.  For trim, I usually use a white, off white, cream or gray high gloss paint.  In this example, I like the contrast of a high gloss white for the trim.  And for accent colors, well, let your personality shine through!  I, predictably, would probably choose orange these days!  The accent color is perfect for throw pillows and blankets, for use in your window treatments  and rug, and to tie the room together.

3. Choose a Furniture Finish. Although all of the furniture should not be matchy-matchy, I think a room looks much more pulled together when the wood finishes are in the same family (whites and creams, or varying shades of blonde or mahogany wood).

4.  Furniture Selection and Placement. I personally like to use furniture sparingly.  I try to select only pieces that have function and place them accordingly.  Give thought to the use and flow of the room.  Nothing is more jarring and suffocating to the eye than a room chock full of function-less furniture!

5. Fill In with Accents (with high editorial discretion!). Choose complementary window treatments, lighting, rugs, art and pillows.  Decorate with items that you really love and give them the respect they deserve.  Admiring eyes get lost in a sea of knick-knacks.  I love to rotate art and vases through the house (including a rest on closet shelves for a while).  It makes me love the piece even more when it’s displayed in a new place or new way.

6.  Enjoy and Perfect. Every room is a work in progress and tweaking may be necessary based on the everyday use of the room and the moving targets that comprise your life.

Voila! – check out the possibilities of our finished room:





[Images Courtesy of: Decor PadDecor Pad, Simplified Bee, Western Interiors via Material Girls – Dallas]

More Photos of My New Flame….

You all know about my recent passion for the bright, amber-hued color sandwiched between red and yellow on the color wheel.  Gorgeous orange has been catching my eye all over the place.  I just added two orange picture frames to my spartan mantle and they really pop!  Check out how this color has been striking my fancy lately….









I am in LOVE!

1. Rattan Floor Screen, Layla Grace

2. Tie Dye Pillow, CB2

3. Moorish Chest, Wisteria

4. Printed Scroll Outdoor Pillow, Williams Sonoma Home

5. Orange Ovals Mug, Starbucks

6. Panton Junior (kids chair), Design Within Reach

7. Classical Symmetry Print, Crate and Barrel

8. Isola Bella Rug, Anthropologie

9. Apostrophe Chair and Ottoman, Urban Outfitters

10. Spiral Rimmed Plate, Crate and Barrel

11. Atlas Tapestry, Urban Outfitters

12. Chihuly Chandelier, Chihuly

Orange Crush

My dearest Yellow:

My lust for you is waning.  I have developed an intense crush on your neighbor…Orange.  It’s not you, it’s me.  You really have a great personality and I am hopeful that we can remain friends after our passionately bright, but short-lived, tryst.   

So long, my tawny friend,








[All images from House Beautiful.]