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House Tour and Retrospective

Hi y’all.  It’s been one heck of a start to 2013.  I got on a blogging roll, and then became completely sidetracked by life — my dad had a big health scare, my husband and I were sick with a mean, nasty virus for almost 3 weeks, and both kids got the stomach bug at the same time.  Whew.

So, I think I mentioned that we had professional photographs taken of our old house before we moved.  Interior designer extraordinaire, Cathy Green, is featuring our Westover Hills house on her blog right now.  The pictures were taken by, her sister, the amazing Beth Furgurson.

The photos made me miss so much about our old house…

I adored the front porch and our red door.


{This picture was taken as we drove away on the day of closing.  Yes, they asked to keep the porch furniture and we agreed.  Pumpkins were complimentary.}

I loved the pane-less windows and the feeling of living in a treehouse.


I am so proud of all of our DIY projects, most of which remain with the new owners.

Back Camera

{Our DIY roller shades — remains the most pinned blog entry on spark!}

But most of all, I loved the house because of the people who lived there and all of the memories we made during the six years under its roof.

Back Camera

{Clare and her playroom}


{Sleeping Julia}


{Lazy summer days in my beloved orange kitchen}


{Dad reading with his girls before bedtime}

So, pop on over and see the professional pictures and Cathy’s really nice blog post.

And, stay tuned for pics of what’s been going down at the new house.

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Family Room — House Tour Continued!

So, it’s official — we closed on our new house yesterday.  I have been over there twice today and I am happy as a clam picking out paint colors and scheming about furniture layouts.

But, leaving this house is so bittersweet.  I have so many “forever” memories here.  The family room was the reason we bought this house and continues to be my favorite room.  It is where we unwind together at the end of every day and throughout the weekend.  I’ve napped with newborns, watched countless movies with my girls and cozied in front of the fireplace on cold winter nights in this room.  I love the natural light, the treehouse feel and the open layout.

I searched high and low for a “before” picture of the family room (c.2006) that didn’t have random people in it, and below is the best I could do.  It looks from the kitchen into the family room.  We inherited that soul-sucking mustard yellow color from the previous owners.  It kind of looks like Rainbow Brite’s house!

And here is the room now:

I will miss those lush trees in our backyard so much!

The art on the mantel is by our 5 year old, and the baskets on either side of the fireplace hold infant toys and throw blankets.

It’s a fun before/after.  Getting rid of that yellow was life-changing!!!

TGIF and have a great weekend!  We will be doing a “soft move” across town.  Be back next week with more of the house tour.  🙂