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Haunt the Halls

Less than two weeks until the trick-or-treaters will be knocking at the door.  This is one of the few holidays where kitschy is cool!  Check out these fun and inspirational ideas.

I love painted pumpkins — no muss no fuss.


How fabulous are these silver pumpkins?  I may do all silver & gold pumpkins on my porch for Halloween this year.  What do you think? (Get instructions on the silver pumpkin how-to HERE)


These sparkly pumpkins almost look good enough to eat!  (Get the how-to HERE).  And look at that cute the li’l polka dottie pun’kin below.


The pumpkin below was adorned with black push pins — isn’t it amazing?


If you are going to carve a pumpkin, you may as well make it count.  It’s easy to forget that the lanterns below are actually pumpkins!


Get the how-to instructions on the pumpkin sconces above HERE.


These pumpkin topiaries would look great on either side of the front door.


This little sweet pumpkin votive looks like it belongs in Kate Spade’s living room.


How cool are these pumpkin candle holders?  You could use these through Thanksgiving too.  I love this idea!


Can you believe that the wreath below is made with hard candies?  Isn’t it terrific?  You can find instructions on how to make it HERE.


Candy as decoration seems entirely appropriate at Halloween.  This display looks like an old-timey penny candy counter.


And, my favorite, the Happy Halloween Beach Cruiser!


[Images 1, 2, 5, 8, 9, 10 & 11 Courtesy of Martha Stewart, Images 3, 4, 6, 7 & 12 Courtesy of Better Homes and Garden]