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In Case You Didn’t Get the Memo….

Attention all pre-school mothers, in case you didn’t get the memo, these shoes are the new hotness in the carpool line.  


{Tory Burch Reva Ballet Flats, Gold, Saks Fifth Avenue, $195

This morning, I saw no less than three pairs of this exact shoe on moms flitting through the halls of my daughter’s pre-school.  And these flats are absolutely, head-turningly, stunning. 

But, you all know me, I simply cannot justify $195 for shoes that will soon have a combination of peanut butter and playground chips all over them.  And who really wants to look like everyone else, right? 

So, how about these?


{Franco Sarto Asante Flat, $89.95}


{Jeffrey Campbell Pearl Flat, $109.95}


{French Sole Season Flat, $124.95}


{Penny Loves Kenny ‘Cami’ Flat, $48.95} 

goldfat2 {Nine West Smartmove, $39.95}

For all of us clueless pre-school moms who were outta the loop, now we know!