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What’s Cooking – Menu for the Week

Hi!  This week, I am starting this challenge to kick-start our dinner routine in the New Year – 7 new recipes in 14 days.  Here goes this week:


{Image via Dinner: A Love Story}

Sunday (New Recipe): Split Pea Soup with the leftover Christmas ham bone, crusty bread, simple salad.  This was really good!


{Image via MyRecipes.com}

Monday: Cooking Light Southwest Sausage and Rice and veggie platter with dip.


Tuesday: Giada’s Quick and Spicy Tomato Soup, superfast drop biscuits and Ceasar salad.

Wednesday (New Recipe): Baked Ziti with Sausage and Mushrooms (from Dinner: A Love Story cookbook).

Beef & Broccoli

{Image via Emily Bites}

Thursday (New Recipe): Emily Bites Slow Cooker Beef and Broccolirice.

Friday: Cooking Light Turkey Tetrazzini, Greek salad.  

Saturday: Out of Town

What’s for supper at your house this week?  I would love for you to share your favorite quick and easy dinner recipes.  I need 4 more new recipes next week to complete the challenge!

read this book!

Upon the recommendation from my foodie sister, I have been a loyal blog reader of Dinner: A Love Story for a couple years.  Jenny, Andy, Abby and Phoebe feel like my favorite neighbors, so without a second thought, I immediately pre-ordered Dinner: A Love Story, the cookbook/memoir.

Jenny and Andy are both magazine editors/executives and Jenny worked in the now-defunct (and sorely missed) Cookie Magazine.  I have been enjoying Jenny and Andy’s simple, real and fresh recipes on the blog for a while now, and I can attest that each one we have tried has been delicious and accessible.

But my favorite part of this book is the narrative.  I sat down and felt like I was having an easy conversation with my best friend over skinny lattes at my local Starbucks.  Jenny’s voice is pitch-perfect — not too judgey and not too kitschy.  I like her self-depricating snark mixed with her romantic notions of the family dinner table.   I also loved that Jenny meets readers where they are — whether you have never made a dinner from scratch or you are a “foodie,” her life lessons and recipes apply equally.

Below are two of my favorite excerpts that capture the essence and the message of the book:

“But my point is, even though the most important part of the family dinner is the family part, I do not want you to dismiss the role of caring in the equation.  The more you care, the more you’ll cook, and the more you cook, the better you’ll get, and the better you get, the more firmly the family dinner ritual will take hold.  It’s probably going to be a long time before my kids recognize in a conscious way that eating a meal with someone who loves them satisfies some psychological need.  But for now I’m pretty sure that they’re psyched to show up for the pork chops.  And I have no problem with that.”  (page 297)

Quoting with a friend with teenagers: “‘You know, when they were little, dinner was such a pain in the ass.  All the kids did was complain about what I cooked. It was such a thankless job.’  She went on, ‘Now that they’re older I’ll cook anything they ask for.  I’ll cook five different meals if it means they’ll all sit down with me for dinner.’….I call [this scene] up and then force myself to think : Lucky.  Feel lucky.  They are sitting at the table.  They are seven and nine years old.” (page 298)

(copyright 2012 Jenny Rosenstrach)

Watch this trailer, and I dare you not to develop an intense girl crush on Jenny!

We struggle with a picky preschooler and an early-to-bed infant every night, but on some sacred evenings, the stars align and the preschooler, the infant, and my hard-working husband and I are sitting at the very same dinner table that I used growing up, and Cheese-y Peas-y Chicken Orzo  is being enjoyed by all of the dinner participants who eat solid food, and it’s the most beautiful, lovely, happy moments of the day, the week, the month.

This book celebrates encourages and celebrates these divine occurrences.  Read it!

Random Things I am Liking Lately

Here are some random things on my “making-me-happy” radar screen lately:

Oversized Botanical Prints!  I love the idea of oversized botanical prints like these from Wisteria.  I can’t stop thinking about them.  They would be right at home in my dining room and already come framed….  Yesssssss.

Trader Joe’s (3 Minute!!) Steelcut Oatmeal!  As you can see, I hoard buy this in serious bulk.  I add a splash of milk, a dash of cinnamon and a banana…every morning and I never get tired of it! 


Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and ConditionerI got a tip on this from one of my favorite bloggers (thanks, Jackie!) and can’t use anything else now.  My hair has never been softer or smoother.  You can find it at the grocery store or Target for as little as $4.99 a bottle.  A serious steal.

Organix Sulfate Free Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo 13-oz..Opens in a new window

Gascon Malbec!  This $12 bottle of yummy goodness can be found at most grocery stores — I have also seen it at Trader Joes and World Market.  I am no wine expert, but I love the hint of mocha in the background. 

Birch Box!  I just got a subscription for my birthday — I can’t  wait to get my first Birch Box.  Let me know if you want an invite!

Instagram!  Are you on Instagram?  Come find me at ada_marie!

Instagram - Fast, beautiful photo sharing for your iPhone

Did I miss anything?  What’s on your radar screen today?

Weekly Menu

I promise that this is NOT turning into a menu-planning blog!  These posts are quick and easy for me, and that’s about I have time for these days! 

Here’s what was on the table last week (I may do these a week behind, so that you can get my two cents on the new recipes):

Monday: Cooking Light Orange Curried Pork, with yellow rice and roasted fennel (which was a new vegetable for me, so delish, sliced the bulb, put a little EVOO (1/2 tablespoon) and salt and pepper, in the oven at 400 for about 30 mins). 

Tuesday: New Recipe!  You’ve Got Supper’s Slow Cooker Barbacoa served in flour tortillas with store-bought mango salsa.  This was the STAR of this week’s menu.  Easy and delicious — it will become a regular on the slow cooker circuit around here for sure!

Wednesday: Cooking Light’s Chili with Pasta and Beans.  One of our favorite chili recipes – easy and quick.

Thursday: Tortellini and Banana Pepper Salad.  A favorite in the warm-weather months.  I love all of the flavors and that the dish is light, but really satiating.

Tortellini Pepperoncini Salad Recipe

Friday: New Recipe!  Weight Watchers Mini Feta and Vegetable Frittatas with steamed snap peas and bagel and cream cheese.  Everyone really liked these, even my picky 4 year old.  Spray or butter the heck out of the muffin tins because these stick!  I may see if it works equally as well with liners — the clean up was less than fun.

Feta and Vegetable Frittatas

Saturday: Salmon Burgers with green salad.  Another freezer staple in the spring and summer.  We throw these on the grill frozen, put them on potato rolls with grainy mustard, Claussen pickle chips and tomato slices, and it’s a yummy, good-for-you burger!  P.S. It’s equally as good wrapped in lettuce or over a salad.

Trident Seafoods® Wild Alaskan Salmon Burgers

What’s on your dinner menu?  Any inspiration you can share?

Happy Cooking!


Weekly Menu

Hello ol’ friends.  Things have been cray-cray around here with the new baby.  I am HIGH on inspiration and LOW on time.  My priorities right now go something like, FEED CHILDREN, BATHE CHILDREN, BRING BIG KID TO SCHOOL, TRY TO WORK, TRY TO EXERCISE, TRY TO SLEEP, and REPEAT.  My lovely little blog has fallen off the immediate priority list for now, but I am still going to pop in now and then to say HI and to hopefully share and receive some inspiration.

This weekend we went to our 10th year law school reunion (??!!), and I was so flattered that so many of my classmates read this blog.  One of those lovelies said that she liked and wanted more weekly recipe ideas (holla Jamie!), so I thought I would stop by quickly and post this week’s recipes.  OperationLoseBabyWeight is in full force, so they are even more on the healthier side than usual….

Monday: Cooking Light Pasta Jambalaya (a superfast tried and true favorite).

Tuesday: Cooking Light Chipotle Sloppy Joes with cole slaw (another tried and true).

Chipotle Sloppy Joes Recipe

Wednesday: New Recipe!  Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken and green salad(suggestion from a BFF, I used reduced fat cream of chicken and sour cream, served in a tortilla with banana peppers and topped with salsa verde — it was AWESOME.  It will join our usual rotation!).

Thursday: New Recipe! Weight Watchers Spanikopita Quesadillas and sauteed zucchini and squash.

Friday: Cooking Light Brown Butter Gnocchi (a superfast vegetarian fave around here).

Brown Butter Gnocchi with Spinach and Pine Nuts Recipe

Saturday: Cooking Light Red Pepper and Tuna Pasta Salad (my first pasta salad of the season — it’s a good one!).

Happy cooking!  I’m hoping to be back (soon?) with a little reveal of the lamps for the nursery and an update on the bathroom facelift.  Also, we painters are repainting the kitchen, so a post bidding farewell to my fun and beloved orange kitchen will also be forthcoming. 

Things are coming together around here…slowly!  Miss you all!

P.S. Are you on Instagram?  Instagram is the new Pinterest.  Haha.  I am looking for more exciting people to follow.  Please find me so I can follow you: ada_marie!


Weekly Menu

Here’s what’s for dinner over here this week:

Sunday: Cooking Light Corn and Shrimp Chowder, cheddar and banana pepper quesadillas, sliced fresh vine ripe tomatoes with chopped cilantro, salt, pepper and a dash of EVOO.

Southwest Shrimp and Corn Chowder

Monday: New Recipe!  Rachael Ray’s Vegetable Ravioli Lasagna, Caesar Salad.

Tuesday: Cooking Light Grilled Spinach and Turkey Burger with Goat Cheese Spread, Alexia Spicy Sweet Potato Fries.

Spicy Sweet Potato Julienne Fries

Wednesday: New Recipe!  Restaurant Style Chinese Chicken and Broccoli, with Asian Cabbage Salad (shredded Napa cabbage, sliced red bell pepper, sliced almonds and cilantro, dressing of soy sauce, dark sesame oil, rice vinegar and red pepper flakes).

{Photo Courtesy of Dinner: A Love Story}

Thursday: Evening Swimming Lessons, Eat Out.

Friday: Breakfast for Dinner — Eggs Made to Order, Giada de Laurentiis’ Ricotta Blueberry Pancakes, Salad with Mandarin Oranges, Pecans, Feta and Raspberry Vinaigrette.

Picture of Ricotta Pancakes Recipe

Saturday: Amy’s Spinach & Tomato Pizza, Cooking Light Tomato Basil Soup.

Tomato-Basil Soup

Random Things I am Likely Lately

Happy Fridaaaaaaaaaaaay!  I thought I would share what’s on my radar screen these days:

BEST INVENTION EVER!  Confession: I totally bought this because I saw it on Project Runway.  Ok, but L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara is awesome.  It allows you to put on as much or as little mascara as you want and the little spiky ball thingy lets you comb out any clump that forms without creating even more clumps on other lashes.  In short, an eyelash miracle for $9.

This jacket is from…wait for it…Target!  And it’s $24.99.  I haven’t seen it in person, but have been stalking my local Target’s juniors section to check out this beauty.  (Thanks to Jennifer at Style Your Life for this find!)

Trader Joe’s Maple Leaf Cookies.  I may or may not have had these for breakfast with my coffee this morning.  Delicious and addictive.

In case you missed it, go check out Paula’s kitchen makeover using paint and new hardware over at Two Ellie.  She turned blah brown into GORGEOUS two-hued cabinets.  I love the inexpensive but complete transformation!

I am definitely buying a pair (or two) of trouser jeans this season.  I am so glad that higher waisted jeans are finally hitting the racks!  I tried on and loved the pair above from the Loft (~$55) and they fit great, but I am also considering splurging on these:

Seven For All Mankind, Ginger Cut (as seen on JillGG) and ~$155.  Thoughts?

I love this sweet little pigeon sold by West Elm in collaboration with PATCH NYC.  And it’s only $29 with free shipping.  I think this little buddy would look great hanging on my hallway gallery wall.  He will be mine!

Have a great weekend!


Summer Recipe Round-Up

It’s that wonderful time of year when we are all grilling and pot-lucking, and always looking for some new inspiration.  Here are a few of my recent summer faves — I dare you to try to share!  They are all really easy and fast (the only way I cook and bake!).  Click on the links for the recipes.

Fail Proof App: Bobby’s Pimento Cheese

This recipe is from one of Paula Deen’s sons, Bobby.  I love serving it with water crackers and pita chips.  Delish.

So Yummy Salad: Pizza Panzanella Salad

Salad with pizza crust?  Yes please.

Mouth-Watering Main Dishes:

Grilled Turkey Burgers with Goat Cheese Spread

This is a Cooking Light recipe, so you can eat 2 and not feel so bad!  The burgers grill up so tender and moist — they are divine!

Chipotle Sloppy Joes

Although this isn’t made on the grill, it’s easy and super yummy.  We actually eat it on hot dog buns — it’s less sloppy and equally as tasty!

Delish Desserts: Frozen Lemonade Pie

One of my BFFs recommended this pie for our Memorial Day barbeque and it was a smashing hit.   It is amazingly easy, refreshing and fabulous.  You must try this!

Banana Split Cake

A to-die-for Paula Deen dessert!  I top this one with maraschino cherries and chocolate sauce.

What are your go-to summer recipes?

Do Yourself A Favor


{Photo courtesy of Food Network, Recipe Courtesy of Giada De Laurentiis}