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Renewing my New Year’s Resolutions

Better late than never.  Right?

I have been really good about keeping some of my many New Year’s Resolutions, like reading at least a book a month, diligently flossing every night, and eating less meat.  But, it seems my interior design resolutions have been neglected for the last, um well, almost nine months.

It’s not that these resolutions are difficult or require any large expense, it’s just that these resolutions represent wants and not needs.  However, these desires are also about making daily life beautiful and reminding ourselves that we are worth it.

So, I pledge re-allegiance to these resolutions, and to my interior, for which stands, one home, indivisible, with love and happiness to all:

1. Replace any kitchen towels or bath towels with stains or holes.  You know, the kitchen towel you used to clean up tomato sauce and it never quite came out, or the navy blue towels that you bleached with ProActive, yeah those.  Must relegate the old ones to rags, and not look back.


{Fantasia Dishtowel, Anthropologie}

2.  Along the same lines, I promise to toss worn or stained bath mats and front outdoor mats.  These items are used so frequently, they probably should be replaced every couple years.  Mine may qualify as antiques at this point.

zinnia{Zinnia Doormat, Garnet Hill}

3. I will clean out my kitchenware and give away or throw out anything that I have not used in three years and any mug, dish or bowl that is chipped or I do not like.  No second guessing and no guilt.  For example, anything along these lines, no matter how nostalgic:


{Replaceable mug}

4. Re-paint my tired and boring black front door.  I am thinking a deep, crimson red.  It will change the whole look of the exterior of our house, for the better!


{Red Door}

5.  I will use every room in the house.  I am going to make a sincere effort to eat in the dining room and sit in the sitting room and live in the living room.  I love these rooms, they just don’t get enough traffic.  The living room is a perfect spot to read, and I pledge to ensconce myself there each time I crack the spine of a book.


{Dream Sitting Room, House Beautiful}

Ok, I am getting to work.  About 90 days to go!  Do you have any unfilfulled New Year’s resolutions?