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Lessons from Pinterest – Master Bedroom


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In reviewing my Pinterest bedroom board for inspiration for our new master bedroom, a clear design formula slapped me across the face emerged:

Cloud-like wall color +
Neutral window panels with woven shades +
White bed linens +
Gourd lamps +
Art or mirror above the bed +
Symmetry +
Mix of finishes and textures

Some of these images, I even pinned multiple times.  Wow, am I really that predictable?!  I obviously have my marching orders.  Stay tuned!

{All images from Pinterest}

Suspension of Belief


Simply. Breathtaking.

When I saw this image in the most recent Anthropologie catalog, my heart skipped a beat and I had to catch my breath.  I can’t take my eyes off of it!  The suspension chair is impeccably designed and so aesthetically interesting.  At the same time, the piece is inviting and looks comfortable and relaxing.  I love that its form is a fork in the road – part hammock, part bridge and part sail.  

Its natural setting would be in an outdoor space, like a dock, deck or porch, but this amazing piece of furniture would look terrific as an accent chair in a family room, home office or even a bedroom.  I love its versatility – it would perfectly compliment traditional, modern, contemporary, coastal and bohemian decor.

The chair’s design (and name) reminds me of architechturally spectacular suspension bridges in two of my favorite cities – Savannah (Talmadge Bridge) and Richmond (Varina-Enon Bridge).

The gorgeous Talmadge Bridge spans the Savannah River and connects Georgia with South Carolina: 



Similarly designed, the Varina-Enon Bridge crosses the James River east of Richmond, connecting the north and south banks.  


If imitation is the greatest form of flattery, these bridges have received the highest honor!


Favorite Things Friday – Fabulous Flea Market Finds!

Welcome to the second installment of Favorite Things Friday!  Enjoy this guest blog by a friend who I have known for 25 years!  She has a great eye for style, is the fun and crafty blogstress behind Namesake Design and is the (now famous) designer of her son’s nursery, which was featured yesterday by Project Nursery.  It’s “trading spaces” today in blog-land and I am guest blogging for her – so after you have read all about her favorite things, click on over and check out my Eight Great Etsy Finds!

First, thank you to the Queen of Spark for inviting me to guest blog. This whole guest blogging things feels a bit like trying on the clothes in your best friend’s closet. Even though her clothes are different from yours, you know you’ll find something to borrow that suits your style perfectly. So thanks for indulging me while I try Spark! on for size.
If you’ve ever visited my blog, www.namesakedesign.blogspot.com (I promise that will be the only shameless plug of this post), you’ve probably figured out that I have pretty eclectic taste and a DIY spirit. I love to mix old and new, and to repurpose and refinish furniture. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that two of my favorite things about summer are flea markets and garage sales, nor that some of the accessories and furnishings that I love most in my home came from flea markets, garage sales, and other similar venues.  The following are a few of my favorites.
Kitchen Island


I actually found this island set out with someone’s  trash. Since it could have just as easily been sold at a yard sale, I’m including it among my favorites. I think it was used as a potting table or storage for a shed. I love the color of the wood and its rustic feel compliments my 40’s inspired kitchen nicely.

Cake Stand


I have a soft spot for cake stands, and I am probably only one away from having a “collection”. I picked up this unique glass stand at a flea market in Long Beach, CA.
1950’s USA Pottery



I found this set of 4 green pots at a garage sale. I love the varied textures and deep green colors. I have used the pots as votives,  planters, and simply for decorative purposes.

Tin Ceiling Tile


I found this unusual tin tile at the flea market in Long Beach. I knew that I had something special when two different vendors offered to buy it from me. I am not sure of its origins, nor do I really care. It probably lost any value it had when I had it mounted and framed.

Vintage Postcard


I picked up a bunch of vintage post cards at an estate sale a few years ago and have used them in a variety of ways. The post card pictured hangs in my bathroom next to another vintage post card from Hawaii. The frames are from Target.
Dressing Table and Chair


I found this table at a garage sale and freshened it up with some bright white paint. The chair was a family hand me down, and was also freshened up with a coat of paint and new fabric. Both are right at home, and hopefully make guests feel at home in my guest room.


This was an EBay find, but since I consider EBay to be the modern day flea market I have included it in this post. The chandelier had been stored in a barn and was quite dirty when I received it. I dressed it up with new candle covers and crystals. It hangs in my foyer and makes me smile every time I walk in the front door.
Green Jug


Last but certainly not least is my large European jug. I found it at a flea market in Charlotte and had to have it. Unfortunately it has been relegated to the closet for the time being because my toddler is obsessed with it, and is constantly stashing toys in it.
I hope my Friday Favorites will inspire you to test the garage sale, estate sales, and flea market waters near you!