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Closets as Rooms

As part of Project Big Girl Room, I was thinking about turning one of my daughter’s two CAVERNOUS closets into a little room.  The room would function as a reading nook/play space.  I am envisioning comfortable chairs, floor mats, and/or bean bag chairs, a little bookshelf and a small table, with lots of wall art and maybe some horizontal stripes on the walls and doors? 

So, as far as inspiration goes, I am inspired by closets turned into home offices and reading nooks.  Home offices are a stretch for my not-yet 3 year-old, but that seems to be what a lot of people turn closets into!   The creativity below will knock your Ferragamos off….

Closets as Home Offices:  

{I die for that acrylic “ghost” desk chair….}

{I love the use of wallpaper on the back wall of the closet above and below.}

{I like the use of the curtains instead of the closet door in the picture above and below, but I think I am going to keep the closet doors for symmetry with the other closet in the room.}

{I like the little peg boards above.}

Closets as Reading Nooks/Daybeds:

{The horizontal stripes here look fabulous and I like that they used a twin bed that doubles as a reading nook and an extra bed for guests.  I don’t think our closet is big enough for that, but it’s perfect for this space.}

{Another closet turned reading nook that doubles as an extra bed.}

{Love this floor seating, simple book case and clip-on light.}

{This nook would have been my dream as a kid.  I love everything about it — the hanging bookshelf, the wall art and the little table with that sweet yellow lamp!}

What do you think?  Can I pull it off?

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Taking Care of Business — My Closet Makeover

**Disclaimer: What you are about to see is slightly graphic in nature and isn’t exactly “pretty,” but it is eye candy to me!**

One of my biggest gripes about our house is the absence of a pantry.  We have a lot of cabinet space, but regular cabinets do not lend themselves to efficient food storage and retrieval.

Across the hall from the kitchen is a first floor bedroom, which we are currently using as a play room.  Because the closet in there was, well, a mess, and taking up a lot of “dead space,” I decided to turn it into a makeshift pantry where I could keep extra food and kitchen appliances that I do not use everyday.



I bought a set of industrial kitchen shelves from Lowes for $55 and went to town.  I should have staged the “after” a little better, but people, this is real life we are talking about (not life in a design mag!).

{Insert my BIG SMILE!}  I just can’t stop smiling!  My kitchen cabinets are finally organized and I only have my coffee maker on my counter (no extra food taking up counter space!).

Ok, I just had to share.  Back to our regularly scheduled pretty stuff tomorrow.  🙂