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In Case You Missed It….

With the hustle, bustle and rush-tle of Christmas upon us, you may have missed some of these great posts from my favorite blogstresses.  These are my picks from around the ‘net these days:

I loooooove what my friend Alyson over at Richmond Real Estate Mom did with her extra grocery bags.  I am totally stealing this idea — I love that it’s thrifty, green, and chic. 

Jackie at Sweetie Pie Style blogged about her 2011 Trend Forecasts, and she was spot-on.  I was going to do a post about my thoughts on the same topic, but decided that I may as well send you over there, because my post would have looked scarily similar.  I love her dot montage — dots are hot!

Speaking of 2011 trends, did you see that Pantone’s color of 2011 is Honeysuckle?  The selection seems kinda random and I am not sure that I am digging it (my girl Jeannine at Small & Chic in C-ville agrees).  Reminds me of: 1. a bad bridesmaid dress, 2. an overdone little girl’s room, 3. Pepto-Bismol, and 4. the Golden Girls.

Ok, maybe this will make me retract my previous opinion on Honeysuckle (check out the walls and trim below).  Anyway, I die for Tobi Fairley’s White Christmas Tree in her daughter’s playroom, and its all of its surroundings.  Serious design perfection.  

I loved Elements of Style’s post on winter boots, and her reference to Ugg wedges led me to these beauties.  Santa, I just added these to my list, okthanks.

For all the moms out there, this post over at the new Good Tots blog provided me with some inspiration yesterday afternoon.  We made a great batch of Christmas-y chocolate covered pretzel rods.  My three year old had a BALL decorating them with crushed candy canes and sprinkles.  They were so festive that we put them in tins with cookies for our neighbors!

I saw this awesome yarn ball & ornament wreath by The Dear Diary Stories via My Favorite Things and think it’s a great DIY for Christmas.

Stay sane out there, peeps.  We went to see Santa yesterday and got an eyeful of the stressed-out masses, especially the Type A moms who were equipped with lip gloss, hairspray and extra shoe options FOR THEIR FIVE YEAR OLDS’ picture with Santa.  Oh, and then the inevitable fight about taking the picture again because it wasn’t perfect enough the first time.  Most wonderful time of the year, indeed.  🙂 

To DIY For: My $6.99 Wreath

I have been watching all of my talented fellow bloggers successfully create their own versions of the GENIUS Eddie Ross DIY wreath.  So, I decided that it was time to get in on the action.

Bear with me.  This month, 7 years ago, Mr. Spark! and I were married in a historic chapel with a ton of rules and restrictions, one of which involved the exit celebration from the chapel — no bird seed, no bubbles and (definitely!) no sparklers.  So, being three days after Christmas, we decided to give our guests jingle bells to ring upon our exit.  It was as creative as we could get!

So, 7 years and 3 moves later, I had a bag full of the surviving jingle bells and decided to give the Eddie Ross wreath a try.  Here are the original bells and the ribbon, and the wire hanger:

As I tried to untwist the hanger, I decided to use a more flimsy one.  I shaped the hanger into a circle and untwisted the top.

Then I threaded the bells (and also decided to thread the ribbon) through the wire hanger:

And I quickly realized that my wreath was going to be too small:

So, during a trip to Target, I picked up a set of jingle bell ornaments ($6.99).

And then re-threaded the bells and added the new colorful bells:

Because the bells were so small, there were gaps where the wire hanger was showing:

So, I wrapped the ends of the bows around the exposed wire hanger.  Then I twisted the ends of the wire hanger together to complete the wreath.  Mr. Spark! helped me cut the excess wire:

I decided not to use a big bow — it looked too busy with the little bows.  Here is a look at the wreath on the front door.  Sorry for the poor photography — I finished this while it was already dark out!  And it’s a little too petite for the front door — the wreath will hang on the inside of my back door in the kitchen, but I couldn’t find my wreath hanger tonight and wanted to show this baby off!

I liked using the jingle bells because I didn’t have to glue the ornament tops, as is required with the original Eddie Ross wreath.  I am thrilled with my wedding momento/Christmas wreath!  🙂