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Brown and White and Zigzag All Over

Hi there.  I am emerging from my Christmas-induced panic attack that has defined the last two weeks.  We finally got the tree up yesterday, I finished my Christmas cards this morning, I have done my first round of baking, and my shopping is, well, getting there.  Whew!

As a treat for surviving the Christmas holidays, I have my eye on this “oldie but goodie” Zigzag Rug from West Elm in the ivory/espresso/flax colorway:

It’s been all over the blogosphere and back for a while now, and  I know I am late to this party, but I can’t stop thinking about how DIVINE it would look as a runner in our front hallway.  And at only $119, I can easily justify my NEED for a new runner, right?

With this rug, it’s hard to go wrong.  Want proof?  Eye candy awaits you, my friends.

{Palmer Weiss via Odi Et Amo}

Notice its pairing with the lucite trunk.  {via Four Walls and a Roof}

{via Decor Pad}

Note the lucite trunk again.  They are BFFs.  {via Decor Pad}

Do you spy the lucite cocktail table?  {via Decor Pad}

{via Jen Ramos at Made By Girl}

The rooms pictured below aren’t actually the West Elm gem (and most likely have the way more expensive Madeline Weinrib version), but the awesomeness is the same.

{By Jonathan Adler for Liz Lange via Sketch 42}

Dude, if it’s good enough for Jonthan Adler, it’s good enough for me!  {Jonathan Adler’s NYC dining room via Cococozy}

I like the vertical orientation here.  That suzani bench is bananas too.  {via Things We Heart}

{via Decor Pad}

Are you convinced? 

P.S. I couldn’t leave its BFF behind.  I could pair my zigzag rug with this cute lucite Peekaboo Console from CB2:

Etsy Pillow Round Up

Updating throw pillows is the easiest and most cost-effective way to give a space a mini-makeover.  There are so many gorgeous and affordable throw pillows on Etsy.  Seemingly more affordable than even pulling out your sewing machine and making them yourself!  Look what I found:

Tripping for Trellis?

{Pillow Cover from Nena Von, $35}

{Pillow Cover From ElegantTouch, $35}

{Pillow Cover From Nena Von, $35}

{Pillow Cover from Nena Von, $25}

Eyeing Ikat?

{PIllow Cover From ElegantTouch, $35}

{Pillow Cover from Ginette1223, $20}

Digging Diamonds?

{Pillow Cover from ElegantTouch, $15}

{Pillow Cover from Lily Beth Goodies, $15}

Chevron Anyone?

{Pillow Cover from Vida Style, $50} 

{Pillow Cover from Vida Style, $50}

{Pillow Cover from Miss Mosh’s Shop, $32}

Begging for Birdies?

{Pillow Cover from Milk and Cookies Canada, $45}

{Pillow Cover from Nuka, $22}

Loving the Lattice?

{Pillow Cover from Milk and Cookies Canada, $25}

{Pillow Cover from Milk and Cookies Canada, $23}

{Pillow Cover from Color and Scheme, $21.50}

So Into Suzani?

{Pillow Cover & Insert from Decorative Instincts, $40}

Go check out all of the great deals on
gorgeous throw pillows at Etsy!