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Window Box Inspiration: Thousand Islands, New York


Letter from Sasha Obama to Sister Malia

Dear Malia:

Mom didn’t want me to write you about this killer vacay that we took without you because you are stuck at a summer camp in the middle of nowhere, America, while we are in posh Marbella, Spain with 58 of our closest friends.

She probably didn’t want me writing you because you are squeezed into a tee-ninesy cabin with a gazillion other girls, even more mosquitos, and no air conditioning, while Mom and I booked over half of the Hotel Villa Padierna Marbella for our sizeable entourage.

While you burn s’mores over a crappy, ash-laden homemade campfire, I am being served sumptuous churros on the veranda.

So what have you been up to?  Learning the side-stroke in an algae-infested, murky lake?  Oh, that reminds me, tomorrow, I am ditching Mom and checking out every single one of the 8 pools at this joint.

After a long day lounging by the poolS, I will retire to my gorgeous bedroom suite, complete with huge french doors, gauzey drapes, and sheets with a thread count higher than you will ever feel.

Anyway, I gotta run and catch up with my best friends and their moms for a five-star tapas dinner al fresco.

Oh, and in case you were wondering which one of us is Mom’s favorite?  You don’t have to wonder anymore, do you?  SUCKER!

Sending love and bug spray,
your rock star little sis,


{Images: 1. All Hotels, 2. Hotel Chatter, 3. Navitair, 4. Marbella Hotels Spain, 5., 6. Expedia, 7.}

Dreaming of a Vacation

Won’t you join me?

{All images courtesy of Coastal Living}

Giveaway: Traveling Savannah, A Girl’s Guide!

Today I am giving away a book all about my favorite city in the world: Savannah! 

The author, a native Savannahian (and my friend and colleague), Meredith Gaunce, has written an absolutely delightful book geared towards fun-loving women about great restaurants, shops, spas and more that are “off the beaten tourist path.”   Did you know that Savannah was the 3rd most popular U.S. city for ladies trips in 2009?!

The illustrations by Erin Salzer Hanna are absolutely stunning.  I love this rendering below of the UH-MAZE-ING cookie shop: Two Smart Cookies. 


This gal did her research — I lived in Savannah for 4 years and came across some new places that I have never even heard of!  Although I won’t give too much away, the book covers all of my favorites in Savannah, most especially The Tea Room, Soho South Cafe and the fabulous boutique, Bleu Belle. 

You can only buy the book online (go check out the website) and at local Savannah bookstores, but lucky for you, you can win this awesome girls guide by being a follower of Spark! and leaving a comment below.  If you mention the giveaway on your blog, Facebook or Twitter, leave another comment, and you will be entered twice!  The giveaway closes on Friday, May 21st at midnight EST, and the winner will be chosen at random and announced on Saturday, May 22nd. 

Thanks so much to Meredith Gaunce and good luck  y’all!

This Weekend I Will Be….

Staying in one of these….


Taking walks here….


And here….


Eating this….


And visiting here….


This weekend I will be………enjoying a mini-vacay at Tybee Island, Georgia!

Happy weekend!

Favorite Things Friday


The fabulous Molly from My Favorite Things invited me to partake in her ongoing series, Friday Favorites.  I listed 10 of my favorite things, which wasn’t an easy task!

Please CLICK HERE to head on over there and check it out!

Here are some hints about my favorite things:







Thanks again, Molly and My Favorite Things!

[Images courtesy of: 1. Kelly G Design, 2. National Park Service, 3. Wikipedia, 4. Pottery Barn, 5., 6. National Gallery]

Inspiration from the Thousand Islands

Inspiring sights from my vacation to the
Thousand Islands in upstate New York….





















Missing it already and counting down the 365 days until our next trip up there.