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On the 9th Day of Christmas….

I know that everyone is de-Christmas-fying, but I finally read my November/December issue of Veranda and fell in love with this amazing spread on Dan Belman and Randy Korando’s farmhouse/barn in Madison, Georgia.  And it technically is not Epiphany yet, so this post is still legit!

Wouldn’t you love to have Christmas Eve dinner here with your pet pony?


Where to start?  The gorgeous tree?  The tartan throw blankets in case it’s drafty?  The antler candleholders?  The buttery leather chairs?  The homemade chandelier with fresh greenery?  The swags over the stalls?

Check out the beautiful plaid and burlap wrapping….


And the greenery, pine cones and magnolia leaf wreaths on the outside of the barn….



And this lovely little tack room with amaryllis and paperwhites….


Here is a shot of the exterior — truly perfect!


{All images from Veranda}

P.S. I read a cute chick lit book by Mary Kay Andrews (one of my favorite authors) set in Madison, Georgia called Hissy Fit where the main character restores an antebellum mansion (and falls in love, of course).  It’s a really fun read!


happy independence day







Happy Independence Day!  I have always loved July 4th, but this holiday has taken on a new meaning for me since my husband was deployed to Iraq 8 years ago.  It was a challenging year for me (and him, of course) that taught me that our freedom comes through the labor, dedication and sacrifice of countless men and women who are nameless and faceless to most of us.  The silent moments of fear, loneliness and anxiety endured by service men, women and their families are invisible to most of our country, including me before Matt deployed to a war zone.

Since 2005, I cannot sing the Star Spangled Banner without tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat, nor can I pass a service-person without imagining the network of parents, wives, husbands, children, neighbors and loved ones that are thinking and worrying about him or her.  Thank you to all of the brave men and women who are fighting and have fought for our independence and their loving and supportive spouses, families and communities.


P.S. For past 4th of July posts, click here (2009), and here (2010).

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Celebrating All WonderMoms


Wishing all you WONDERMOMS a day full of adoration, appreciation and serious pampering.  We deserve it!!


{Image found on Pinterest}


True Pinspiration

So, about a month ago, I saw this on Pinterest:


and I thought it was so festive.  When we moved into our new house, we have 2 fireplaces and we haven’t had a chance to get either of the chimneys cleaned or inspected yet. About a week before Christmas, I saw a lone strand of big, vintagey -looking lights at Target, and gave it a whirl….


We call it our “partyplace”.  I love it and am thinking of keeping the partyplace burning even after the Christmas decorations come down!

It is a great idea for a nonfunctioning fireplace or a festive summer party.

Have you actually put any of your pins into action lately?

2013. You got this. Make it happen.


{Striking Truths}


The car is packed….

Three loaves of pumpkin bread have been baked….

Ready to eat lots of turkey….

And enjoy a few cocktails….

At a table filled with lots of family….

Wishing I was wearing this….

And spending the day feeling happy and thankful for the abundance of blessings and love surrounding me.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Photos: Pinterest || Pinterest ||  Martha Stewart || Yumsugar || House and Home || Pinterest || Pinterest

‘Round Here

Happy Friday!  It’s still rainy around here, so the light is not the best, but below are a few shots around the house these days.  Seasonal decorating is such a challenge for me.  I don’t want to get too kitchy, but with a 4 year old who loves to help decorate, I want the house to remain playful and fun, especially for Halloween, which was one of my favorite holidays as a kid.  So, I tried to incorporate a lot of brown, orange and black with some kid-friendly touches.  Oh, and if you make it to the bottom, there is a little bonus sneak peek of the nursery paint….

{Corner of the mantle}

{Living room}

{Front hall console}

{Dining room}

{Corner of the family room}

{Front door.  Need Pumpkins!}

{Painted nursery.  Mentally remove the mess and insert better lighting!}

Have a happy Fall weekend!