Catching You Up

Hello and very Happy New Year!  Lots has happened since my last post on October 14th.  The biggest news is that Julia Catherine was born on December 30, 2011!

{All of these pics were taken with my iPhone right after Julia was born!}

Between the end of my pregnancy, all of the holidays, and Julia’s debut, the last couple months of 2011 were a total blur! 

2012 is not moving any slower – Julia is 5 weeks old and somehow it is February already.  I am so thankful that she has been a happy and healthy baby.  Her big sister has stepped into her new role with enthusiasm and grace and loves her little sister like crazy. 

Although we have been beyond busy, the nursery is mostly finished and my husband is almost done with the neverending bathroom update.  And, we are going to be giving the kitchen a little facelift in the next month or so.  I also want to hold myself accountable update you on the progress of my 2011 design resolutions, and make (or renew) some design resolutions for 2012. 

So, I look forward to ending the radio silence around here and getting back into the swing of things on my beloved blog!  I miss being part of the design blog community, all of my dear readers and the inspiration that writing a blog provides.  Can’t wait to give you a sneak peek at the nursery this week!  Stay tuned.  Xxoo!

P.S. A huge congratulations to my *blog friends* who have also had babies recently: Fran, CaraCamila, Brooke, Marianne, Sara and Caroline.  *And when I say “blog friends”, I mean, I follow and love their blogs and they likely have no idea who I am!  🙂




3 responses to “Catching You Up

  1. yay… you’re back. i’ve taken breaks myself, for me one day ran into another and so on until weeks and weeks had passed! congratulations on your new baby. julia is beautiful!

  2. Congratulations Ada-Marie!! She is beautiful and is born on my nephew’s birthday! 🙂 I was really happy to see a post from you and am glad everyone is healthy and happy! Enjoy your precious one and thanks for the ‘congrats’ too. Mine is already 41/2 months – cannot believe! I’m having so much fun w/her!! Enjoy the time!

  3. Welcome back, A-M! I am so happy to see your updates once again – missed you! I’ve already told you, but it bears repeating – you have a beautiful family. And a gorgeous new nursery. Yay you!

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