Random Things I’m Liking Lately

Hello Fall!  It was 55 degrees on the way to my daughter’s preschool today and it felt amazing.  Happy Friday!  Here are some random items that are on my radar these days:

I am crushing so hard on this trench coat right now (from the Mad Men collection at Banana Republic).  The price ($198) combined with my burgeoning belly are the only things stopping me from snatching it right up….

This Asian Ramen Salad recipe from my gal pal Alyson at Richmond Real Estate Mom is delicious!  It’s great by itself for lunch, as a side dish for chicken or pork chops or you could add shredded chicken to the salad.  You must try it!

{Kinda looks like this, image found here}

Did you see the amazing DIY laundry room chandelier made entirely of clothes pins by John and Sherry of Young House Love?  I can’t stop thinking about its awesomeness. 
**Random tanget, I saw them the other night at our neighborhood Jason’s Deli and so wanted to go over and gush and gawk and go all stalkerazzi, but thankfully forcibly refrained myself from a repeat performance when I saw John while running a local 5K this winter….  They are just as cute in person as on the blog!**

I have got my eye on these Toms comfy chic corduroy wedges (only $69!) for the Fall and Winter, and the matching girls shoe ($38) for my cutest accessory.

This is a fabulously moving book at the intersection of an incredible true human story, medicine, law, ethics and compassion.  Read it!

I am thinking about adding this fun print ($34) to our gallery wall upstairs.  It’s a good reminder for kids and adults alike! 

And finally, because I am feeling brave at the moment, here is a quick belly shot of me at 24 weeks with my ever-present sidekick that I took on my iPhone in our powder room (you can see the hallway and playroom behind me) and sent to my sister in Atlanta this morning. 

Have a very happy Friday and weekend ahead! 

4 responses to “Random Things I’m Liking Lately

  1. You are too cute! And the clothes pin chandelier is amazing, isn’t it?

  2. Adorable! I am crushing on those Tom’s shoes, but sadly, it will be too cold in London for them. 😦

  3. Look how cute you are! All baby! Soon I’ll be able to wear open-toed shoes year-round – we are leaving VT for sunny CA next month!

  4. Thought of you today when I had an Asian Chicken Salad…not quite as good as the one Moons from Skyers, but similar to the one you posted about! In all seriousness, you look terrific and Clare is darling as always! We are moving this week and I need some of spark!’s help…especially with a tricky living room!

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