What are your favorites at Trader Joe’s? Discuss!

I realize that this post is a slight tangent from the usual blog content over here, but this is a burning question that needs answering!  I often find myself in a rut when I go into TJ’s and end up with the same things in my cart. 

I have been following two blogs (Dinner: A Love Story and What’s Good at Trader Joe’s) that use a lot of TJ products and have gotten some good inspiration from them, but I would love to hear what your faves are.  Please share in the comments!! 

Richmond’s TJ’s is a hike and a half from my house, so I only go about once or twice a month, but here is what is always in my cart:

Let’s start with sweets!

{Perfect as a housewarming or hostess gift.  I put raw sugar on top about 2/3 of the way through baking to give it a sweet, crunchy top.  I always get asked to send the recipe and then have to ‘fess up that it’s a mix!}

{This is a seasonal item in the Fall — it’s awesome and even better than the banana bread mix.  I serve it with Thanksgiving dinner.}

{I am never making any other type of brownies again.  These are amazingly moist, rich and I love the texture of the dark chocolate chips.  You can also use this as cookie mix, but I have never tried it made that way because the brownies are too darn good!}

{This is another seasonal item that I can’t keep in the house for very long.  They are DELISH with coffee for dessert or a decadent breakfast!}

{We love this yogurt, especially my 4 year old daughter.  I love it for a quick snack or dessert with vanilla wafers or graham crackers!}

{I grew up on 100% pure maple syrup and I can’t stand to serve anything but.  Although, it can get pricey for a bottle of pure maple syrup.  TJ’s offering is delish and affordable.}

Now on to savory:

{This is the best Salsa Verde I have found.  I love that it’s really tasty without being spicy.  I eat it with chips or add it to tomato soup, fish tacos or omelettes.}

{I love this easy, meat-free dinner and these freeze beautifully.  I think that you can cook them straight from the freezer.  No thawing required!}

{This is a great, spicy, easy, meat-free spaghetti sauce.  I love it by itself, or sometimes I add turkey sausage.}

{This is a $0.99 gem.  I put this puppy on my pizza stone and basically clean out the refrigerator — toppings can include olives, asparagus, tomatoes, onions, peppers, feta, parmesan, cheddar, leftover chicken, or all of the above!}

{Yummiest frozen corn around. tastes like it’s right off the cob!}

So please do tell — what are your faves at Trader Joe’s?


7 responses to “What are your favorites at Trader Joe’s? Discuss!

  1. We can’t live without the TJ Pierogies and pork dumplings. I also love the chili spiced dried mango and the frozen green beans. Delish!

  2. I love their Korean marinated beef – yum. Just add rice and a veggie for a nice dinner. I’ve also been thinking about their red licorice ever since we moved 30 mi. away from our TJs. Bon appetit!

  3. I love TJ’s mini party ap meatballs! They are easy to make (and I can make only as many as I need/want) and kids like them with or without pasta. I also like to add a few to the Annie Chun noodle soups that I frequently eat for lunch. I have never seen pizza dough at my TJs. I will be on the lookout next time I am there.

  4. We love the tiny pre-made chocolate encased ice cream cones. They are the perfect size for toddler hands and only 70 calories. Also, the multi-grain crackers are awesome!

  5. Our favorite is the garlic french fries.

  6. Do they have Cape Cod Chips or Late July Crackers there?

  7. We love the Langostino Lobster tails. Just perfect for lobster rolls 🙂 We also like the carne asada . . . But really, we ALL go to TJ’s for the Two Buck Chuck!!!

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