Oscar Run-Down: The Good, the Bad and the Snarky

Oscar fashion was mostly hits, with a few serious misses.  And speaking of misses, was Anne Hathaway so flipping annoying last night or what?  You know it’s bad when you start putting her on mute a mere 10 minutes into the show. 

On to the fashion of the night — it was the night of metallics! 

My votes for best dressed at the Oscars:

Although she’s not getting a ton of press (because I don’t think she’s “Hollywood cool”), I thought Mandy Moore looked stunning last night.  When she stepped onto the red carpet, I didn’t even recognize her.  Loved her in this Monique Lhuillier dress!  This picture does not do her justice — she was breathtaking.

Let me preface by saying that I am NOT a Gwyenth Paltrow fan, and think she is a b*itchy mean girl, but she looked amazing in this liquid platinum-esque Calvin Klein creation.  Hair and make-up were flawless. 

Again, I am not a huge Hilary Swank fan, but I thought she killed it in this Gucci dress.  I liked the elegant playfulness of the dress and that it fit Hil like a glove.   

On to the snark.  My votes for the most disappointing fashion last night:

Reese, Reese, Reese.  This is THE MOST BORING DRESS in the world.  I could find the same thing on the rack at any Dillard’s during prom season.  I can’t believe Armani Prive would even make such a non-fashion-forward frock.  Shame shame all around.

Ok, I can’t even get past the hair.  Scarlett Johansson‘s hair looked like a huge rat’s nest.  Even my husband made a comment when she was presenting, “Who let her go out there with her hair looking like that?”  And the Dolce & Gabbana dress was MEH – the color blended right into the red carpet and there was some rumblings on the pre-show that the back was sheer and her tushy was out there for the world to see.  Again, I couldn’t even get past her hair.  Gross.

And my vote for the worst dressed of the night, Oprah.  OMG, that boobage was downright SCARY.  I had to shield my eyes as she was presenting.  The top part of her Zac Posen dress was so tight, it looked like it may bust wide open (pun intended) at any moment.  And, yes I am going there, but she looks like she may be turning to tater tots, mac and cheese and Godiva for comfort upon the so-so launch of OWN.

Care to agree or disagree?  Who were your most and least faves of the night?

 {All images courtesy of Style.com}

5 responses to “Oscar Run-Down: The Good, the Bad and the Snarky

  1. I have to agree on the Oprah dress (love Zac Posen).. i did love the bottom half though and I can’t hate on Oprah, even if the bust section was horrible… LOVED Gwen’s dress (why is everyone hating on her? I must have missed something) but my favorites were Mila Kunis and Cate Blanchett… Cate was truly wearing an art piece. Loved it.

  2. 1. I think Gwyneth’s hair was also hideous. This isn’t the 60s. Eat some fat, maybe it will add body to your hair.
    2. Agree on Mandy Moore. And I LOVED her dress when she sang the song from Tangled.
    3. Ew, Oprah.
    4. I thought Sandra Bullock looked amazing (as usual).
    5. Jennifer Hudson–I’m really impressed by your weight loss but you really should have (a) gotten a boob lift or (2) worn a dress that allowed you to wear some sort of boob support. That being said, NO ONE over the age of 25 should EVER go ANYWHERE without a bra on (Justin Timberlake’s mom, I’m looking at you).
    6. Reese’s dress also made her look very large (relative, of course) in the hip area.
    7. I didn’t really like any of Anne’s dresses.
    8. I HATE Guiliana and Kelly Osborne–who made them fashion experts??

    That’s all for now. 🙂

  3. I’m so glad you posted Mandy Moore’s dress — I missed it last night, and it is divine! I agree with you on horrible Gwyneth Paltrow — it was a great look. And Reese Witherspoon was seriously the biggest disappointment ever. She wore a black lace dress with a sheer top a few years ago that was perfect, and you nailed her look this year — Dillards. Thanks for posting this — it’s perfect!

  4. Ok, I am in the minority, but I thought Reese looked very nice. She did not go for daring, she went for elegance. I did not even know what was Mandy Moore, but I did love her dress. I loved Anne Hathaway’s red dress she wore on the red carpet. Gweneth’s dress was just beautiful, but I think she should have done something more with her hair. It was too lanky looking. Perhaps she could have worn it up?

    Did you notice all the green jewelry? I noticed lots of people wearing emerald looking pieces. Amy Adams had some on that contrasted nicely with her blue dress I thought.

  5. I totally agree re: Anne. Between her yammering and James just being bored-looking and dull, it was really disappointing! (And for the record I usually LOVE James Franco). I thought Mila Kunis’ dress was odd too – those little lace hankies just barely covering her boobs were weird!!

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