My Quick Two Cents on the Golden Globes

Not-So Legal Disclaimer: I am far from a fashion expert or critic, but do enjoy a good red carpet during awards season.

Loved Catherine Zeta-Jones, Sofia Vergera, and Emma Stone, but the hands-down best dressed of the evening was Olivia Wilde in Marchesa.

There were some doozies on the red carpet last night, including Christina Aguillera, Helena Bonham Carter, Michelle Williams, Kyra Sedgwick and the beloved Sandra Bullock (what was up with those bangs?), but January Jones in Versace and Halle Berry in Nina Ricci get the WORST DRESSED black ribbons for unnecessary overexposure and extreme lack of taste.

What did you think?

{All images from Us Weekly}

2 responses to “My Quick Two Cents on the Golden Globes

  1. i’m right there with you…. some of those dresses were horrible! olivia looked amazing!

  2. I loved Olivia’s dress too! Did you see the shoes she is wearing? There is a picture of her holding up her dress to show them off. Even though Helena Bonham Carter’s dress was strange, I give her props for her crazy fashion and loved her shoes even if they were mismatched. I have worn two different shoes before that were of a similar style, but it was a complete accident. If I ever do it again, I can say I am channeling Helena.

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