on these right now….

you see, this is what happens when your baby-sitter moves to Nashville, your school district whimps out and cancels school for 1.5 days due to a little cold rain, house guests arrive in the middle of a conference call, and your 3 year old adamantly refuses to nap.

I hope to be back to regularly scheduled programming, just as soon as I finish screaming uncle!, waiving the white flag and spray painting SOS on my front lawn.


3 responses to “Overdosing

  1. Oh jesus. Hate to involve him (and I am jewish LOL) but WOW!! Pop as many of those pills as you can w/o OD-ing!

  2. I think the house guests need to take the little one on a field trip!

  3. Just ran across your blog and love it! I actually live in Nashville, so maybe I should look up your babysitter as I’m always looking for a good one! Hope things have improved with the “Happy Pills.”

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