Preppy Meets Practical

I am beyond thrilled that plaid is back!  I was a Catholic school girl growing up (ok, just to be clear, more Mary Catherine Gallagher than Britney Spears) and couldn’t look at plaid for many years without the reminder of all of those terrible uniforms and peter pan collared blouses. 

But, my Pavlovian hatred of plaid has faded with the years and I am embracing plaid with a passion this season. 

I LOVE THESE WATERPROOF BOOTS!  Wouldn’t they be great in the rain or snow with skinnies or leggings or some warm tights and a cute skirt? 

{Pajar Highlander Plaid Boots, Sundance Catalog, $175}

Santa, are you listening?  These are at the top of my list this year!

4 responses to “Preppy Meets Practical

  1. Those boots are so cute!

  2. I LOVED my uniform! Maybe it’s because I went to public school from K-8, then had a uniform at my Catholic high school. It was so liberating to roll out of bed and into that uniform every day.

    Unfortunately, when I got to college, I had to relearn how to dress!

    Guess what I wear every year for Halloween? It’s like wearing pajamas, I’m so comfortable in it. 🙂

  3. I’ve been a fan of plaid for a long time. Once did an entire room with plaid walls and carpet. I’m in love with all things Scottish. Hope you get the boots!

  4. Oh my god! My uniform was exactly alike and I hated it! But like you over the years I have grown to love plaid, and my favorite color is green!

    I love the boots – so cute, and I am currently looking at a pair. I hope santa delivered for you!

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