High on Inspiration, Low on Time

Sorry to go AWOL on you.  I feel like this is the first time in 2 weeks that I have had a chance to take a breath!  Work has been frazzlingly busy and I am trying to get the runaway train that is my life back on the rails. 

First things first, I never announced the winner of the Erica Eriksdotter giveaway!  I had the chance to finally meet Erica at the Art Affair in Richmond a couple weekends ago.  She is as sweet as she is gorgeous! 

Erica had a really successful show in Richmond and sold the beautiful painting behind us.  Check out Erica’s blog post on the Art Affair.

Druuuuuuuuuuum rooooooooll — the winner of the giveaway is number 6, Lori!  Congratulations to Lori — lucky lady!

In other news, Brooke’s pumpkin bread recipe is UH-MAZE-ING.  Make it, eat it, love it, and have warm fuzzies in your belly.  

I have so many half-finished projects that I hope to turn my attention to before the holidays descend.  So much inspiration, so little time.  🙂  Thanks for bearing with me. 


2 responses to “High on Inspiration, Low on Time

  1. Thanks Ada-Marie! And CONGRATULATIONS to Lori!

  2. Tell me about it…my work has picked up too….leaving virtually no time! ugh!

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