The Big Reveal: DIY “Custom” Rollerblinds

Tah Dah!  Our “custom” rollerblinds are finally finished.  Whew!  It took me a little longer than I had anticipated.  Pictured above and below is the first dormer:

Here is the other dormer:

I LOVE IT!  I am so glad that we undertook this project.  So, I had been thinking about this for a while, and saw a similar project posted on Emily A. Clark’s blog, and I decided to take the plunge.

We inherited hideous metal mini-blinds in our master bedroom and were looking for a (cheap) more aesthetically pleasing and room-darkening option.  We went to Lowes and bought two Levolor black-out roller shades (~$10 each).  The kind peeps at Lowes cut the shades to our measurements right there.

Then I made a trip over to Williams & Sherrill and purchased 4.75 yards of fabric (~$80).  I liked the ikat-y feel of this green damask.  Then I ironed the fabric and my sweet and patient husband, Matt, glued the fabric onto the roller blinds.  He only glued enough fabric to cover the blind when it was all the way down.

Naturally, I wanted to cover the hardware at the top of the rollerblind.  I planned on re-creating Jenny’s pelmet box idea made of foam core board (see here for one that I made in our hallway).  However, I needed a width of 32 5/8 and I couldn’t find any foam core board with a width greater than 30 inches.

So, we were off to Lowes again and bought a piece of birch wood (~$8 and the least heavy wood board we could find).  Matt measured and cut the “cornices,” and epoxied on L brackets.

Then we wrapped each cornice in batting (~$5 from Michaels) and staple gunned it into place.

Then we wrapped the cornices in fabric (which was a little challenging because we had to line up the pattern on the rollerblind with the pattern on the cornice), staple gunned the fabric into place and cut around the L brackets.

Then Matt screwed the cornices into place, and voila!

I priced out similar rollerblinds at Smith & Noble and even with a lower quality fabric, it was over $850 plus shipping for 2 similar rollerblinds!  This whole project cost me about $125 and I got to pick my own fabric.  The bulk of that expense was the cost of the fabric, so you could do it much cheaper if you chose a less expensive fabric.

Another thing to note, I chose a thicker gauge fabric and the rollerblind only retracts up by about 2/3 (which is ok with me), but I bet you could get around this if you used a thinner gauge fabric.

What do you think?  Would you try it?

14 responses to “The Big Reveal: DIY “Custom” Rollerblinds

  1. That is SO neat! Looks great. I’m not creative enough to come up with an idea like that on my own but you make it look really easy! Nice job 🙂

  2. I totally LOVE it! Great job miss Martha Stewart!

  3. It looks awesome!!! I think the fabric you picked is beautiful!

    It looks better than the custom romans I had made before I discovered the wonderful world of blogs (and DIYing stuff like that).

  4. Looks great!! Wow, I love that color of green. I would definitely try this!! I bet it feels great to get this project done & crossed off the list!

  5. Awesome!!! That gives me a good idea for our spare bedroom. I’ve been itching to chuck the cheap, builder-grade venetian blinds in that room. Good work!

  6. Great job. They look awesome!

  7. This looks fabulous! What kind of glue did you use?

  8. I think they look great!! I really like this idea for my kids room, too — so I’m bookmarking this! It sounds way easier than the whole converting-mini-blinds-into-roman-shades diy project I’ve seen on some blogs…

  9. Wow, that looks awesome. What I want to know is how in the world do you get Mr. Spark to help with this stuff. I can just seem asking Tyler for do this…

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  11. TOTALLY great great great!! It’s so amazing what we can do if we just try!


  12. It looks fantastic – what glue did you use

  13. What brand/type of glue did you use? I love this!!!

  14. You can get large pieces of foam core board from the framing department at Michael’s. Got one that was 5 feet by 3 feet.

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