My New Crush? Meet Purple.

I go through color crushes like Lindsay Lohan goes through rehabs.  (See here for yellow, and here and here for orange).  My newest paramour is purple.  If I didn’t have 729,391,182 other projects brewing, I would paint my dining room deep aubergine and use lots of linen and white with pops of earthy green (inspired by the picture below).  I just can’t get enough purple this season….




{Images: 1. Cerise Pink Blog; 2. Apartment Therapy; 3. Candian House and Home; 4. House to Home; 5. Coach Kristin Leather Pleated Sachel, $398; 6. London Amethyst Mini Hurricane, Crate and Barrel, $16.95; 7.  Hunter Wellies, Piperlime, $125; 8. Patinaed Pillar Holder, Anthropologie, $48; 9. You Are Love Print, The Love Shop, $29. 10.  Zambia {Faux} Throw, Z Gallerie, $99; 11. Essie, Damsel in a Dress, $8}

7 responses to “My New Crush? Meet Purple.

  1. Love the top pictures the most! I picked up some smoky purple paint from the oops section at Lowe’s and I’ve been itching to use it in my craft room to paint my desk. Only problem is the rest of the room’s darn green. Not sure if I’m going to repaint the entire room just so I can have my purple vision come to life or just wait until we buy our next house some time in the future. I can picture the purple, black, and grey combo though!

  2. Ahhhhh…. Purple. I knew it would come around!

    I’ve been a big, huge fan of deep purple for years, and painted both my living room and powder room a wonderful shade of dark purple years ago!! I’ve always loved it, and found it very easy to decorate with (lots of creams and taupes, some dark browns, greens, reds).

    Go for it … paint something purple!!

  3. OH…. I think I have a crush now too! Those walls, that bag, the boots! How can you not love purple? Plus, it is such a warm, cozy color for fall.

  4. i have to admit that I usually hate Coach bags because I feel like everyone has them, but omg that purple bag is just amazing! WOW.

  5. Hmmm . . . I’ve been looking for a color for the upstairs bathroom. I like it with the white bead board.

  6. purple is rather lovely.

  7. Thanks for turning me on to the Love Shop! Whoa- I’m a typography freak.
    Amazing little treats for the walls.

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