The Fashion Police Stopped By

So, twice a year, usually Labor Day and Memorial Day, the fashion milestones of the year, I try to “edit” my closet.  I pull out everything from the past season that I haven’t worn and make myself purge those items.

It used to be really hard.  But 3 major moves in 7 years, and my emerging “quality over quantity” mantra, has made it much easier each season.

In the spirit of honesty and accountability, brace yourself for the purged items headed for donation to our local Junior League Clothes Rack, and the reasons for each getting voted out of the closet:

Clockwise from the top left:

Floral skirt, Ann Taylor c. 2001, too cheesy and too short, luau anyone?
Green gingham tank, Janeville (now closed??) c. 2003, too saccharine, never felt like “me”.
Striped Boat Neck Tank, The Limited c. 2000, bulky fit, boring.
Denim Slides, Halogen @ Nordstrom, c. 2001, just plain fugly.
Blue Nike Flip Flops, WTF was I ever thinking?  I won’t even wear these to the mailbox.
Pink Sweater Set, Loft c. 2004, I bought this for work, but as they said on last week’s Project Runway, it looks like a watermelon Jolly Rancher.
Red White & Blue Tank, Ann Taylor c. 2001, bulky sweater material, too cheesy to wear on July 4th, or any other day for that matter.
Black Grosgrain Ribbon Dress, Ann Taylor c. 2002, looks like something that I would dress my 3 year old in, boring, slightly Stepford.

What’s giving you the urge to purge?!  Come on, ‘fess up!

8 responses to “The Fashion Police Stopped By

  1. uh oh, i think i may have enabled that gingham tank. and, denim slides? really? yikes. i’m REALLY good at purging [other people’s] closets, so if you ever need help…i can be paid in egg salad and banana cake.

  2. I actually love the black grosgrain ribbon dress!

  3. Oh my… The Clothes Rack received that VERY black grosgrain dress last season! Hope mine sold already to make room for yours. 🙂

  4. You just gave me a GREAT afternoon laugh!

  5. That luau skirt is much older than 2001. I have pictures of me wearing mine in college!! Oh, for the record, mine has already been purged (4 moves and 1 baby later). Smooches.

  6. Again, an inspirational post! I think you had that striped top when we worked together in 2002-03 – truly the end of an era, eh? I started going through my closet last night and have decided to part with the sweater I wore to your baby shower. The color no longer looks fresh, and the material has started to pill. Sayonara!

  7. Hi! Just found your blog!
    Great idea on purging with the fashion seasons!! We’re about to move, so that has inspired me to purge. I’m also trying to incorporate quality over quantity. It’s sooo hard!

  8. If anyone saw Jamie Lee Curtis on NATE last week, she purges her closet in a huge way. She pretends she is” going on a trip to say, Europe”- for 2 weeks. wants to take her favorites. That is all she keeps. 2 weeks of outfits that she loves, purges the rest. Love that concept.

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