The One Room Challenge, Part II

Last week, I posted the one room that summed up my style in response to Ally’s “What’s Your Style in One Room?” challenge.

As I mentioned, it was SO HARD to choose one room and as promised, here are my many runner-ups:

{I love the white bedding, pops of orange and lots of natural light.}

{Again, more white, pops of color (this time turquoise) and lots of light!}

{Gorgeous white washed floors and lots of different textures.}

{Hmm, I am sensing a pattern, white bedding, pop of color and lots of light!}

{Am I that predictable?}

{Apparently so.}

{Oh jeez, this is getting embarrassing.}

{Like, really embarrassing.}

But seriously, these rooms are my drug of choice.  Perfection!

And here are a few of my faves from the other participants in the challenge:

{Ally’s fave from the challenge in summer 2009}

{Image chosen by  Decor Happy, credit: Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles}

{Image Chosen by Lillies of the Field, credit: Jon Jensen Photography via Black*Eiffel}

{Image Chosen by My Dream Canvas, credit: Traditional Home}

Wasn’t this fun?  Thanks again to Ally at From the Right Bank for this challenge!

Image credits: 1. House Beautiful, 2. My Home Ideas, 3. Ohdeedoh, 4. Live Like You, 5. With Two Cats via A Few of My Favorite Things, 6. Southern Living, 7. House Beautiful, 8. Southern Living, 9. Can’t find source!}

7 responses to “The One Room Challenge, Part II

  1. All beautiful images! I agree–this was a hard one.

  2. Atleast you know what you like !

  3. What fun! Beautiful rooms, that’s for sure.

  4. I’m so intrigued by this post. How do you sum up your look with one room?? Wow me head is spinning now. There are just so many looks and rooms that are beautiful.

  5. would love to have a patio decorated like that!

  6. gorgeous!!!!!

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