The One Picture Challenge

Ally over at From the Right Bank is challenging design bloggers to choose one picture that sums up their design aesthetic. 

I chose this amazingly simple dining room designed by my new design crush, Skye Kirby:

I am smitten with its simplicity, symmetry, the soothing artwork, the fabulous capiz shell chandelier, the lines of the chairs, the oval-shaped pedestal table, the easy natural rug, the mirror over the mantle, the glass urns on either side of the mirror, and the sprig of greenery as the spartan centerpiece.  Every piece looks considered and edited.  The vibe is light, open and free, and the antithesis of cluttered and suffocating. 

I cannot tell you how hard this was, but it was a revealing exercise for me.  All of my “finalists” had the following in common: a ton of white, pops of bright color (mostly turquoise or orange), something organic (like a great woodsy view or fresh greenery), simple or sparse pieces of furniture, amazing light fixtures, and all were either dining rooms or bedrooms.  Maybe I will post my runners up tomorrow….

What would your one room look like?

If you are a blogger, click HERE to join in the challenge!

{Image Courtesy of Elle Decor}

6 responses to “The One Picture Challenge

  1. How classy looking!

    I love this challenge. I’m on the lookout for a recent room to show mine. Here’s the one I chose last year:

  2. I’m not sure if I could do this! Maybe if it was a 10-picture challenge ;).

    I love that table and chairs!

  3. Nice choice. I like the touch of blue from the paintings.

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  5. Wow, that’s a gorgeous dining room!! I love everything about is, especially that amazing chandelier 🙂

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  6. I LOVE this room. The chandelier is gorgeous and those blue paintings are amazing. I like how the chairs look comfy too.

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