Heading out to the Pool….

Because when I go for a swim in July, I bring along a $300 leather bag, a long sleeved chunky sweater, and my rhinestones.  At least I won’t have to do a thing to my hair since waking up this morning.  Oh, and lemme tell you how flattering those boy shorts are on us non-supermodel types. 

J. Crew, I usually love you, but are you kidding me? 

{Image from J. Crew’s July 2010 Catalog}

4 responses to “Heading out to the Pool….

  1. haha love it! You are so funny.

  2. HAHAHA! Love it! The only good thing I can say it that if you look at her legs the glare makes it look like she has cellulite!

  3. That’s great! Yeah, I think if I walked out in those boy shorts….I’d die!!

  4. Pool?! I thought she was going to the office! That’s where I like to wear my boy shorts…

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