Design Crush: Skye Kirby

I fell in love with Skye Kirby’s design aesthetic while leafing through thie month’s issue of Traditional Home.  May we have a moment of silence for one of the most perfect rooms ever?

I wish that Traditional Home had the digital image of the sweeping view featured in the magazine.  I love the soothing colors, the symmetry, the layers, the casual yet refined vibe, her choice of artwork, the sisal rug and the floor cushions…I could go on and on.  This project was designed for the pool house for the 2009 Hampton Desigher Showhouse.  Skye (I feel like we should be on a first name basis!) envisioned this space as a summer studio for an artistic couple. 

So, I searched high and low for more rooms designed by my BFF Skye.  Here is what I found (I hope you are sitting down!):

Holy gorgeousness!  In addition to being a kick-butt designer, Skye is the vice president of stores and marketing for Lillian August.  I absolutely love her work and can’t wait to see more! 

I will leave you with one of Skye’s 10 “Must Have” design elements that I really identify (and struggle) with: “Over-accessorizing can take away from the calming nature of a room and become distracting.”  Loves!

{Image Credits: 1. Design My Way, 2. Can’t Find Source, 3. Elle Decor, 4. DecorPad, 5. Elle Decor, 6. Elle Decor, 7. Can’t Find Source, 8. Elle Decor, 9. Elle Decor}

9 responses to “Design Crush: Skye Kirby

  1. such inspiring spaces. i’ve been loving clean, crisp, inviting spaces lately!

  2. sarahwinchester

    The gray in that living room is like the perfect gray! Wish I knew the color.

  3. Beautiful,peaceful rooms. Have seen them but never known the designer.

  4. I love Lillian August. Here in CT, we have Lillian August’s flagship store! I die everytime I walk in their store. Did you know Lillian August has a blog? You should check it out!

  5. how incredibly gorgeous are all these!

  6. those photos look like the set of a nancy meyers’ movie!

  7. Skye’s work is brilliant. I’ve got an even better fix for your crush. Many of the items in the 2nd pic have been tagged on

    You can even embed the entire interactive image on your blog.

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  9. I also fell in love with the poolhouse when I visited the Designer Showcase. It was absolutely perfect. Now that I have a new house to design I googled the showcase and found your blog. Thanks for showing her work, she is amazing!

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