Accent Wall Done Right

I have gotten a few questions about accent walls from y’all, and while I am typically not in favor of the concept, Erin has officially convinced me that accent walls can be (as she says) “amazeballs.”

If you have just emerged from life under a rock and don’t follow Erin’s blog, Elements of Style, add it to your reader STAT!  It’s one of my favorite daily reads.


6 responses to “Accent Wall Done Right

  1. Incredible, huh? The black wall totally makes that room and I hope she plans on using the David Hicks’ la fiorentina fabric on that bench!

  2. Bold, for sure… I’m sold on the accent wall idea!
    P.S. I love your blog!

  3. An accent wall is fun and also great for your budget!

  4. sarahwinchester

    I agree I love Erin’s blog and the accent wall looks great!

  5. sarahwinchester

    Loving your blog too!

  6. You will never believe this but Erin is married to one of my guy friends from college, I heard she had a blog but how funny that I would find it through your blog…small, small world!

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