Buy This, Not That: Reader Question

Dear Spark!,

Would you please find me a less expensive version of this bag??  $500 isn’t in the budget right now!  It’s Tory Burch and j’adore!

Your Biggest Fan (ok, and sister)

OK, Sis, here goes:



{Similar: Hexagonal Hobo, Tory Burch, $450}




{Pleating Moment Large Hobo, Kenneth Cole, $169.98}



{Silverlake Bucket, The Sak, Piperlime, $169}


{Puma First Round Shopper, Nordstrom, $59.99}


{Gwen Metallic Hobo, Nine West, $39.99}

I hope this gave you some good, lower cost alternatives!  Happy Bargain Hunting!

Also, wishing everyone a very Happy Easter and Passover — have a great weekend celebrating!

5 responses to “Buy This, Not That: Reader Question

  1. I love that Nine West one! Of course, the Tory Burch option isn’t so bad either! 😉 Great options!

  2. OMG. You are the best sister EVER. I’ll surprise you with the one that I choose when I see you in ATL. I’ll be thinking up your next challenge 😉

  3. Happy Easter to you too! You’re good – love these challenges and the Nine West bag!

  4. Awesome. I love the Nine West version. How chic!

  5. Oh what a fun post. Love all of your picks. It would be hard for me to choose a favorite.

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