LoL at Target

I know that this topic has been all around the blogosphere of late, but I just saw the special edition Liberty of London items at Target in person yesterday, and just about FLIPPED OUT.  Every item is gorgeous and affordable.  As you will see below, many of the items are sold out online, but were plentiful at my local Target. 

Fair Warning: you will fall in love with all of the Liberty of London stuff and your willpower will not be able to resist its fabulous charm.    

Shall we?  My faves:

{Liberty of London Turquoise Isis Print One Piece Swimsuit, $34.99}

{Liberty of London Garla Print Flip Flops, $12.99, Ed. Note: These were a NEED, not a WANT}

{Liberty of London Night Gown, $19.99}

{Liberty of London Boxer, $5.99}

{Liberty of London Toddler Girls Romper, $14.99, Ed. Note: This is way cuter in person}

{Liberty of London Toddler Girls Dress, $14.99, Ed. Note: This may or may not have ended up in my shopping cart….}

{Liberty of London Piggy Bank, $9.99, Ed. Note: Wouldn’t these make adorable book ends?  Loves.  This is sold out online, but there were plenty of piggy banks at my local Target, and again, it was not of my own volition that one jumped into my buggy}

{Liberty of London Lamp Shade, ~$30 (sold out online, but this beauty was there IRL at my local store)}

{Liberty of London Floral Print Chair, sold out online}

{Liberty of London Dunclare Dining Collection, sold out online}

Honestly, I could have bought one of everything that Liberty of London had to offer.  Run, do not walk!, to your local Target and check it out.  But don’t say that I didn’t warn you when you walk out with half of the store in your big red cart!

4 responses to “LoL at Target

  1. Yup, can totally relate. Walked out on Monday with LoL frames, a tunic, and 2 girl’s rompers. I missed the boxers so I might have to go back!

  2. The Cville Target didn’t seem to get all that much LOL merch to start with. The women’s clothes were there (nothing under a size 8 left by the 3rd day), the picture frames and bedding was there, but there were no displays for the dishes, glasses, etc.

    Maybe I should go over to Richmond. 🙂

    Wait…the people in Waynesboro probably won’t be too excited about Liberty of London, right? I bet there will be some smaller sizes there!

  3. I thought the toddle girls clothing was just about the cutest things ever!! Problem? I don’t have a toddler girl. I went to Target the day it came out and had to see and touch everything. Fabulous!!

  4. I have listed a few Liberty of london things that are sold out online. Please check it here:

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