Bedside Mirrors

I have been loving  all of the bedrooms that include mirrors flanking the bed.  The bigger the mirror, the better!  It provides great symmetry and really brightens up a bedroom with minimal natural light.  And reflections of a pair of gorgeously illuminated lamps?  Yes please.


{Mary McDonald via Desire to Inspire}


{Home and Garden Chat}


{Kelly Wearstler via Tobi Fairley}

**not technically mirrors, but you get the idea!**


{Corea Sotropa Interior Design}

{Modern Luxury Homes}

I am thinking about making a run to our local flea market, spray painting some pre-owned mirrors, and trying out the bedside mirrors for myself.   I will keep you posted!

5 responses to “Bedside Mirrors

  1. lovely images! I do love that look!

  2. Can’t wait….love all those images!

  3. I was so thrilled to have one of my projects included in your collection of lovely photos! Thanks so much for the link, and good luck with your weekend project!

  4. I like the use of mirrors for reflecting light.

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