Mini-Update on Hallway Facelift

I just purchased two of these flush-mount ceiling lights from Overstock to replace our crappo, builder-grade, shiny-gold disasters in the hallway (previous posts on the hallway update here and here). 

I can’t wait for the console to come in, so that I can officially pick the lamps.  It’s hard to envision the appropriate height of the lamps when the console is not yet in the space.  

I keep forgetting to take “before” pictures.  I will try to post some in the next few days.  Check out the updated inspiration board!

3 responses to “Mini-Update on Hallway Facelift

  1. I adore the lampshades! Normally I’m partial to black & white but I think I actually like the green & white version of the lampshade better.

  2. I love the ceiling lights, but be careful ordering from Overstock. I loved Overstock until I needed to return something. WORST return policy ever. When you return something, they deduct the cost of shipping (not the $2.95 or free, but $10-15), charge a restocking fee, and maybe some other fee. I ordered a $36 shower curtain from them, and when it wasn’t what I wanted, they tried to give me a refund of $6. Ugh!!

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