Hallway Update: Console Ordered!

Thank you so much for all of your comments on my console for the hallway!  I loved hearing everyone’s opinions.  And the winner is….

The Chloe Console from Pottery Barn!

I decided on the Chloe Console because the dimensions were perfect for the space, I like the extra storage that the shelves provide, and I think the black finish will contrast nicely with the gray walls and complement the black gallery frames hung above.   Oh yeah, and the price ($299 with no shipping surcharge)!

Here is the revised inspiration board!  Unfortunately, my console won’t ship until the middle of February.  In the meantime, I am going to search for the perfect lamps and shades, and a long diamond-patterned natural fiber runner.  I may even replace my ceiling lights, which are builder-grade, shiny-gold, hot messes. 

I hope to have some “before” pictures of the hallway for you tomorrow.  Whaddya think?

5 responses to “Hallway Update: Console Ordered!

  1. Hey- loved the pciture of your house! The tree!

    The Rockettes!

    Your new home office updo! I didn’t get a chance to get upstairs to see it- so It was cool to see it-

    Love U!

  2. Woo hoo for the console!! (That was the one I voted for, btw). Don’t you just hate it when you finally make up your mind about something, and then it is backordered?! That’s the worst for impatient gals like me! I love the way your revised inspiration board is looking!

  3. Love that console! Cant wait to see the before and after photos!

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