BCBG: Beautifully Chic, Bargain (Wedding) Gowns?

Dear BCBG:

You are 7 years too late with this amazingly gorgeous white evening gowns.  Where were you back in 2002?  I could have bought five of these beauties for the price of my wedding dress!   

However, because of your impeccable design and fit, I am going to forgive you.  But these hot numbers have me seriously pondering a renewal of the vows….like, stat.

Your adoring admirer,

P.S. I can almost hear you laughing at J.Crew’s wedding line right about now, which is looking sophomoric and overpriced compared to these divine creations.

{Strapless Jacquard Gown, $378}

{Silk Halter Gown, $348}

{Strapless Tiered Satin Gown, $298}

{Tiered Satin and Lace Gown, $498}



6 responses to “BCBG: Beautifully Chic, Bargain (Wedding) Gowns?

  1. Gorgeous! Where were these 8 years ago??? Might need to renew my vows, just for another pretty dress!

  2. I love the idea of a non-wedding wedding gown! That last one is my favorite… if only someone wanted to marry me :).

  3. Good thing I didn’t get married [yet]! I like all of them…but I think I like the last two the best…

  4. Love these! Indeed these would have been great alternatives! I did look at JCrew, but just wasn’t feeling it for what they cost (as a fairly recent bride!)

  5. I thought the same thing this morning when I got an email from BCBG showing bridesmaids and wedding gowns! I love the second to last one. Fun note, I do have the bracelt that she is wearing in the second to last one (got it for $24 in Vegas!)

  6. The ivory satin tiered gown is exquisite! I would love another crack at a wedding dress – coming up on our sweet 16 anniversary this year!

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