Hallway Update: Console-ation

Happy New Year!  Thanks for all of your comments on my hallway update.  So, I have chosen the green color scheme! 

I luvvved the contrast of the red against the gray walls, but I decided that it didn’t have any “flow” with the rest of the house.  Also, the hallway doesn’t have very much natural light and the red may have been a little too dark for the space. 

Anyway, I found the most GORGEOUS console at Wisteria. 

{Insert SWOON!!}  Measure first, get excited later.  Lesson learned.  At 19.5 inches deep, it’s way too deep for the space.  {Insert gnashing of the teeth.}

To quote Chicago, “don’t look back, never look back.”  

Moving on.  I stumbled across this lovely console at Brocade Home, which is perfectly long (52 inches) and not too deep (17 inches).  At $499 + $50 shipping surcharge, it’s a little pricey, but it’s a fabulous, lifelong, investment piece.  I love the high gloss black finish.

I also love the Parsons console (pictured in my inspiration board above) from West Elm:

The dimensions work (54 inches long and 18 inches deep), and the price is about right ($349 + $30 shipping).  I love the simplicity of its lines and Parsons tables will always be a classic look. 

I also like the idea of the Parsons book shelf from West Elm.  The extra space would be nice for storage (books!) and fun to style.  It’s the same price as the console and the dimensions are still about right (48 inches long and 16 inches deep). 

In a similar vein, I have always liked the Chloe tables from Pottery Barn:

It is on sale ($299 with no shipping surcharge), and the dimensions work well (47.5 long and 17 deep).  My only concern is that I will get tired of this look over time.  These tables have been around for at least 6 years, maybe longer.  I am not sure that this console has a timeless, classic look that I will love for years to come.

The console will sit centered on a long wall in the hallway with black gallery frames hung above, and two lamps on each end. 

What do you think??  I would love to hear your opinions, thoughts and ideas!

9 responses to “Hallway Update: Console-ation

  1. I like the PB table, it just looks like it would fit in your house 🙂

  2. The PB table gets my vote.

  3. I like the Parsons table, clean lines and a classic.

  4. You can’t go wrong with Parsons… the desk or the shelves. But the black glossy number from Brocade is TO. DIE. FOR. Tough decision girlie!

  5. I am no help. I really don’t think you can go wrong! The black glossy is quite pretty but that’s the one I think you’d get tired of (but it would take a while!) The Pasrsons and PB seem basic enough that they could last and last.

  6. GO FAB!! Invest. Enjoy.

  7. Love the green colorway and all your table ideas!! Its a big help to me, I am loving that Parson’s bookshelf. Can’t wait to see how it all turns out!!!

  8. I really like the green color scheme you picked! Console tables are the bane of my existence right now too. I’m having trouble finding one to fit this short, odd little wall in our entry. I think that if you have always liked the PB Chloe table, then that might be the best option. I like the lines of it too, and that price is great! I”m having a hard time seeing that table looking dated any time soon…but maybe I’m wrong. Can’t wait to see your completed hallway!

  9. I like Parsons too (we got a steel Parsons bed last summer). Have you checked out Room & Board for ideas?

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