Home Office “Make-under”

Thanks to the snowstorm, I finished my home office make-under.  Let me explain.  When we moved into our current house 3 1/2 years ago, my office was in a great room with lots of natural light.  The room is off our front hall and does not have a close-able door.  So, when baby spark! came along and we decided to have a part-time nanny, I moved my office upstairs in the corner of our large rectangular master bedroom.  Needless to say, I have a much smaller home office than I used to!

So, this “make-under” has been going on since November of 2007!  First, I bought a corner desk because my traditional desk looked very misplaced in the corner of the bedroom.  Then, I got stuck.  (This is why people hire decorators — to get you unstuck and push you along so that an easy project does not take 2 years!)  I also like referring to is as a make-under because I didn’t spend much to transform the space.

Here is the before:

And taaaaaaaaaaa-daaaaaaaaah, here is the after:

Here is the run-down:

The lamps are the same, and I purchased them from a Target in Bluffton, South Carolina years ago.

I replaced my cute repainted and recovered (but way uncomfortable ) wooden chair, with the comfy white leather office chair from Overstock.

I painted the two boring baskets on the desk and under the printer using white Rustoleum from Lowes.

I got the silver bordered white frames for $4 each from Target.  The new white pen holder is also from Target.

The shelves were quite a find — the West Elm in Richmond is closing (sniffle) and I stumbled upon an amazing sale.  The shelves were 50% off, and then I got an additional 15% off of the total (paid $25 for 2 shelves!).

My beloved doggie book ends are Jonathan Adler for Barnes & Noble.  The silver Jefferson cups were given in college and law school as honors and gifts (I think it is a Virginia thing?), and I use them to hold my paper clips, rubber bands and push pins.

I covered my reference books in brown paper bags!  Remember back in high school and middle school when you were required to cover your books?  I like the cleaner look, and it’s kind of mysterious, no?  🙂

And finally, I have always wanted my very own inspiration board.  My mom brought me this white bulletin board from her house and I found some fun colorful push pins at, where else?, Target!

I would love to replace my blotter and mousepad, so I will keep looking.  Also, I would love to have a white monitor, keyboard, and printer, but work sends them to me (fo’ free!), so I can’t really complain, right?

Here is another look:

10 responses to “Home Office “Make-under”

  1. It looks great! I love the chair…but what happened to the exercise ball? Ha.

    Alma used to cover our books in wrapping paper and then cover THAT with saran wrap so they wouldn’t rip. Sometimes, you just want a paper bag to write all over.

    Love the inspriation board…is it really that big? After watching The Break-Up a few weeks ago and seeing how JenAn had a huge one in the front walkway of her chic condo, I’ve been interested in acquiring one for my [probably only] empty wall in the entranceway.

    Jefferson cups are definitely a Virginia thing…no one else in the world cares about him.

    Good work, Spark!

  2. GREAT job on this! Love it and it’s funny to see the brown paper on the books as I’ve been thinking of doing the exact same thing. Had thought wrapping paper too, but was worried about it tearing.

    And YES- Jefferson cups are definitely a Virginia thing- we have several! 🙂

    Stay warm!

  3. Looks wonderful. I love Target, it is the best!!!

  4. I’m super-bummed about West Elm closing too! 😦

  5. so lovely! I just love that chair!

  6. Your home office is looking great!! I have the same desk (in black), but yours definitely looks way more organized than mine. Also, I just realized that you’re an attorney….me too, but right now I’m staying at home with my son. 🙂

  7. I can’t believe how big of a difference such simple switches made! Love it!!

  8. Love the bookends and the inspiration board! And would you believe I was coveting that same chair for my office? Nice work!

  9. Your office looks amazing! Love, love, love the chair!!

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