O Jewelry Tree!

These feminine and frivolous works of art have been popping up everywhere, haven’t they?  I was lucky enough to receive a jewelry tree as a gift last year for Christmas, and I love what an easy, convenient and beautiful addition it makes to my bedroom.

I have been eyeing these amazing jewelry trees handmade from antique tableware from Found Studio (artist is Caroline from Wanderings of a Wannabe!).  Each piece is one of a kind and she has them in all different color palates for ~$45.

I also love the simply and organic look of this (literal) jewelery tree from Sundance Catalog ($40).  It would look just right in any space.

I like the vintagey feel of this iron jewelry tree from PB Teen ($59), especially the glass finial at the top.

This whimsical fairy tale jewelry holder from Anthropologie ($128) would look good without bling!  I would love to set this on a shelf in baby spark!’s “big girl room.”

Urban Outfitters has a fabulous collection of jewelry trees:

{Spinning Bird Jewelry Stand, $32}

{Spirograph Jewelry Stand, $28}

{Lace Pedestal Jewelry Stand, $18}

I really think that a jewelry tree is a NEED, not a WANT, because afterall, where are you going to put all of that BLING that Santa is bringing you?!

3 responses to “O Jewelry Tree!

  1. Ohhh… Ada-Marie! I like ALL of them! you are right, they are totally a “need”… 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for featuring one of my pieces!! Great Blog 🙂

  3. Love the ones that Caroline made. Such a great idea.

    And I really love that last one!!

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