Taking Care of Business — My Closet Makeover

**Disclaimer: What you are about to see is slightly graphic in nature and isn’t exactly “pretty,” but it is eye candy to me!**

One of my biggest gripes about our house is the absence of a pantry.  We have a lot of cabinet space, but regular cabinets do not lend themselves to efficient food storage and retrieval.

Across the hall from the kitchen is a first floor bedroom, which we are currently using as a play room.  Because the closet in there was, well, a mess, and taking up a lot of “dead space,” I decided to turn it into a makeshift pantry where I could keep extra food and kitchen appliances that I do not use everyday.



I bought a set of industrial kitchen shelves from Lowes for $55 and went to town.  I should have staged the “after” a little better, but people, this is real life we are talking about (not life in a design mag!).

{Insert my BIG SMILE!}  I just can’t stop smiling!  My kitchen cabinets are finally organized and I only have my coffee maker on my counter (no extra food taking up counter space!).

Ok, I just had to share.  Back to our regularly scheduled pretty stuff tomorrow.  🙂

4 responses to “Taking Care of Business — My Closet Makeover

  1. You have coke! I must come visit before you run out. 🙂

  2. Looks great! I’m sure it feels so much better to utilize that dead space!

  3. This looks great! Good idea.

  4. Awesome – can you come organize mine, now? 😉

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