Fave Holiday Card

After much deliberation, we finally chose our Christmas photo and card.  They are ordered!  (Maybe I will get them out before December 22nd this year?  Probably not.)  

Anyway, below was my fave photo card of the season, but it didn’t make the cut because the card didn’t work with our photo, and Mr. Spark! wasn’t particularly fond of it. 

I think it’s affordably FABULOUS!

{Chinois Holiday Card, Tiny Prints, $1.34-$1.84 each
(depending on the size of the order)}


3 responses to “Fave Holiday Card

  1. That is a very cute card. I got mine from tinyprints again this year. They have cute ones at good prices.

  2. It’s cute! But I definitely agree with what Matt said about it… can’t wait to see the one you ended up with!

  3. Yes i love tiny prints, but vistaprint has some waaay cute designer cards this year at a fraction of the cost.

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