Fresh Dining Room Inspiration

I received a comment from a girlfriend after my “That is Sooooo 2000s” post in response to my assertion that red dining rooms will immediately date a room back to the early 2000s.  She just moved and loved her previous red dining room.  So, she asked for some new dining room inspiration.

And, it got me thinking.  There are two camps for dining rooms — neutral or bold.  Some people like the neutral dining room because the “beige” palate does not interfere with the appetite (think eating Thanksgiving in a TEAL dining room).  Others like a bold dining room because it makes a dramatic statement in a more formal room that is not used every day.


As far as neutral dining rooms are concerned, I am really loving white on white dining rooms these days.

I know it’s trendy right now, but I have always enjoyed the color gray, and think it looks elegant and sophisticated, without being stuffy, in a dining room.


How do you feel about a green dining room?  I would never have guessed that I liked it either!  We moved into a house with an emerald green dining room and I have grown to love it!  We get so many compliments too.  What do you think?

And if you want to go really bold, give graphic wallpaper a try.  I love this look and wish that I could commit to it in my own house!

I hope you have been inspired!  Which look is your favorite?

{Images Courtesy of: 1. Country Living, 2. Bee Hive Studio, 3. Furniture Store Blog, 4. Flickr, 5. Decor Pad, 6. Cote de Texas, 7. Martha Stewart, 8. Decor Pad, 9. Decor Pad, 10. My Home Ideas, 12. Peacock Feathers, 13. Alkemie, 14. Urban Sardines, 15. Odi Et Amo}


3 responses to “Fresh Dining Room Inspiration

  1. I love #10, 11, & 12. Must be the green. They have inspired me to finish my dinning room. Thanks!

  2. I love the green! We moved about two years ago into a house with a red dining room. We repainted it Federal Blue and love it!

  3. Great post, especially since I’m preparing to paint ours gray as soon as possible. 😉 I would not have selected that green room, but with the black Chippendale-patterned chairs- I love it!!!

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