During our recent trip to Tybee Island, Georgia, we visited a bunch of our best friends in Savannah (where we lived for 3 years before moving to Richmond).

Former neighbors of ours recently moved into a much bigger home and they were showing us around their gorgeous new digs.  We sauntered into the HUGE walk-in attic, and I saw a set of bar stools that I have always loved and complimented them.  And she said, “Oh, you can have those, they are too short for our new bar counter.”

I put up a half-hearted fight and then Mr. Spark! quickly loaded them up in the Suburban before she could change her mind!

Check out my new bar stools….FO’ FREE (oh and my cute little chair model too)!  Teaches me the power of a compliment!  🙂



You may remember from this post, I have been coveting these bar stools from 24E in Savannah for a while.

24estoolsAt $189 a pop and $378 (+ shipping) for the pair, I think I will stick with my free knock-offs for a while!  🙂

Happy Friday y’all!

5 responses to “Score!

  1. They look awesome! Oh, how I wish I had a friend with an attic full of furniture!

  2. Very nice… I just love FREE!

  3. Patricia Kiessling

    You are sure lucky! Love the bar stools. Did you not have any at all before?

  4. Sweet! What a generous friend you have. Thank goodness you had room to bring them back.

  5. Love the new bar stools! And what a great price! 🙂

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