Happy Halloween!

It’s been a busy week and this weekend I will have my guest room and play room full of house guests.  We are hosting our 3rd annual Halloween play date tomorrow morning and have 45 people coming to our house, 17 of whom are kids! 

So, I have been racing around this week to get ready.  Along with bagels & cream cheese and fruit (oh and bloody marys and mimosas!!), here is some of what will be on the table.  I took a lot of inspiration from my fellow bloggers:

Candy Corn Bark (found via The Picky Apple)


Heather’s Spooky Chex Mix (except I didn’t include peanuts and used corn chex instead of rice chex)


Spider Cupcakes (I found this recipe in a free magazine sent home from pre-school)


Can you say 17 kids flying on a sugar high?  Wish me luck!  I will take pictures to share next week.

Happy Halloween to all! 


2 responses to “Happy Halloween!

  1. Sounds so fun! I am a major slacker with the whole Halloween thing this year… between traveling next week and that the kids and I have been sick! But what yummy food!

  2. That candy corn bark does look amazing doesn’t it? Big thanks to The Homebased Mom for that one! We’re going to try it tomorrow with our leftover candy corn.

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