Random Things That I am Liking Right Now

Below are a hodge podge of items that I am loving at the moment with no regard to order (or price tag in some cases):


I.DIE.  Bananas.  OTT.  {Insert favorite Rachel Zoe saying here.This coat ($298) from Anthropologie is perfection.


I love these greek key accent tables ($179) from Acacia.  I think they would also look great with a coat or two of white or navy blue paint.


I can’t stop looking at this family room featured in Cookie Magazine this month.  I absolutely love the symmetry and the dual living spaces created in the same room.  Somehow, the “wood cabin look” works without being to country or campy.  The contemporary drawings above the hearth are beautiful and understated.  Love.


I would love to gentley place one of these beauties on my desk and stare all day.  At $625 a pop, I guess gazing at the Maine Cottage website will have to suffice.


The best affordable jean of the season — Gap’s Long and Lean ($59.50).  I love the higher-waisted, trouser feel of these jeans, and the long inseam options.  They are so comfy too.


Aren’t these tables from Unica Home ($263) museum-worthy?  I would love to use two or three of these jaw-droppers in front of a couch or love seat as a cocktail table.  Simply divine.


I think this table lamp ($69) would look great in a home office or study.  I would love a pair sitting on either end of a console in a hallway too.  Who knew that it was from Pottery Barn Kids?  Kids prices for fab lighting, nice!

So, what’s striking your fancy lately?

5 responses to “Random Things That I am Liking Right Now

  1. Are those the jeans you just bought? I’m looking for a pair of “dressy” jeans but haven’t been able to find any. However, since I’m neither long nor lean, these may not work…but may be worth checking out.

    Also, love that colorful lamp. But yikes!

  2. Lala, yes, I just bought the Gap L&Ls. Give ’em a try. I love the dressier cuff on them too. Unfortunately, I feel like I am a little too, uh hem, mature for oh-so-popular skinny jeans, and this cut looks fresh and now and hot! 🙂

  3. I like those Gap jeans a lot, but I am neither long or lean myself, but who knows. As for you Ms. Spark you have the body to rock the popular skinny jeans and you are not too “mature” for them. Obey me, I am your elder 😉

    P.S. I saw your tweet the other day for baked potato soup and I made it last night for dinner…the MR. liked it as did I.

  4. Dammit. You just made me buy new jeans. And I’m delighted by them.

  5. I love the Long and Lean jeans by Gap!!

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