To DIY For — My $14 Window Treatment


This was the sad state of my hallway dormer a few months ago.  Dormers are such a decorating dilemma!  I see the sole purpose of our hallway dormer as a conduit of natural light, and I do not really want to obscure the window in any way.

I was so desperate for ideas, that I enlisted the help of longtime friend, and fabulous interior designer Paul Corrie, who gave me some great ideas.  In fact, I am still pondering his suggestion to paint the linen closet doors.  I think it would really create a gorgeous symmetry.

So, Paul spurred me on to update the dormer decor, but I was searching for inspiration on the window treatment.

Last week, I stumbled upon this AWESOME POST on DIY Pelmet Boxes by Jenny over at Little Green Notebook.  Aha moment!  It was perfect for my dormer — not expensive, doesn’t block much light and it covers those yucky blinds that we have not yet replaced.

TAH DAH!  My new dormer:


For the pelmet box, Mr. spark! and I followed the directions at Little Green Notebook, and due to our space, the project was even easier for us.  We measured the foam core board ($1.50 from Michaels), attached the sides with duct tape, covered the box with batting ($3 from Michaels) and fabric (1/2 yard P. Kaufmann’s Curly Q in Green Tea, $9 from Willams & Sherrill), and staple-gunned it in place.  Our fit was so perfect that we didn’t even have to nail the pelmet box into the wall — it’s suspended up there between the walls of the dormer!

Regarding the fabric choice, I wanted something simple and light in color because the dormer can be dark in the afternoons, and I wanted to pick up the green of the trees outside the window and the green on the stairway runner:



And a side-by-side:


I love the way it turned out and can’t believe that it cost us $14 to make!  A huge thanks to Jenny at Little Green Notebook for the tutorial and creative idea.

What do YOU think?

9 responses to “To DIY For — My $14 Window Treatment

  1. I love seeing home projects and especially ones that turn out this cute! Great job and I like the fabric that you picked out! What color did your friend recommend for the hallway/doors?

  2. Rebecca, Paul suggested painting the doors black. I have toyed with a deep gray too. I have also thought about painting just the trim around the doors to give the space some definition without darkening the hallway. What do you think?

  3. Ada-Marie,
    I just got an email from Shades of Light telling me that I’m the winner of the bamboo table lamp! Hurrah! That just totally made my Monday morning! Thank you so much for this giveaway. I’m so excited to have won!
    Erin in Victoria

    PS: Your window treatment looks fab.

  4. La La LOVE it!! I’m working on one, too, for Avery’s room – but have yet to find any foam core board here in Brazil – soooo frustrating!

  5. Patricia Kiessling

    You are so smart!

  6. Wow, I am so impressed! This project turned out great. I love the fabric that you chose.

  7. Looks awesome, I really appreciate the information as I was looking for something DIY and affordable for my newborn’s bedroom.

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