Wishful Thinking


I have a big deadline for work tomorrow evening, and have been skimping on sleep these days. 

While straightening up my desk this morning (e.g., moving piles to the floor to make room for more piles!), I came accross this torn-out picture of the perfectly real bedroom of Dara Caponigro, the Style Director for the former Domino Magazine from its March 2009 issue (hence the DIY scan job). 

Y’all know how much I adore white bedrooms! 

And this is certainly no exception.  I love the soft ivory walls and the messy stark white bedding.  The curtains hanging from the ceiling create an ethereal four-poster bed illusion.  I appreciate the reality of the imperfect hardwood floors and mini T.V. on the stool to the left of the bed.  And of course, the Murano glass chandy that Dara found in Naples adds just the right amount of femininity and sparkle. 

Makes me want to crawl right in and catch some zzzzzzs!

One response to “Wishful Thinking

  1. Looking at that bed makes you want to sleep? Forgive me if that picture conjures notions of Sunday morning sleep-ins of the best kind.

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