So, I plan on living in Cardi Coats this Fall.

Each are $20 at Old Navy right now.  At that price, retail restraint is simply impossible…..

cardi[Sweater Knit Swing Coat (O.N. had a ton of different colors and sizes in the store)]

cardi1[Belted Shawl Cardi Coat]

cardi2[Cable Knit Sweater Coat]

cardi3[Cropped Sweater-Knit Swing Coat]

As I tried all of them on, I found myself muttering, “I die” and “This is buh-nanas.”  Too much Rachel Zoe Project for me?  Never!

4 responses to “Ob-sessed.

  1. I love that purple one. I bought a cardi coat at Gap Kids when I visited this summer (I’m 5-2 and the XXL fits me perfectly)


  2. Love the belted shawl coat! I haven’t been to ON in ages, but this is third or fourth post I have seen featuring some of their new items – good stuff. I might have to make a pit stop this weekend!

  3. i have boycotted that store…but secretly, since you posted that black one a few weeks ago, i’ve been dying over it. and planned to go tomorrow…did you get them all? i mean, $20…i worry though that they will be too long on me and make me look dumpy. thoughts?

    • Hi Lala, I got the first swing coat in black and another cardi coat that was not online in hunter green. It has a big collar and fluffy forearms. I almost got the short cropped swing coat in white. I still may. I kinda die for it. Regarding your question, I would get a cardi coat with a defined waistline (either empire or at the waist, instead of one that just hangs) and I think it would look just fine, even though you are fabulously petite.

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